Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for Many places-Madras-Mahabalipuram-Matheran-Mount Eden-

M is for many places I like and I have visited these places more times than I can count on my fingers.

First one of them is Madras( aka Chennai).It is a metropolitan city along the Coromondel coat of South India. This is where my favorite girl cousin lived and hence I have great memories from the place. I vividly remember the huge 6ft paper dosa that they serve in a beach side shanty and also the parottas from the Saravana bhavan.

Madras/Chennai boosts of the second longest beach in the world-The Marina beach. Also famous is the VGP Golden Beach.
VGP Beach in 2001

Astalakshmi Temple is my favorite temple in Chennai along Elliot Beach. It has four levels spiralling up having shrines to all the 8 forms of deity Lakshmi.

Next is Mahabalipuram, which is 60 kms of Chennai.It was the seaport for Ancient India. It boosts of the very famous shore temples which describe the stories from the epic Mahabharata.
Me in the famous shore temple

Next is Matheran which is a hill station in the state of Maharastra,India. Unique about Matheran is that it is a state declared eco-sensitive area. No form of automobiles are allowed apart from emergency ambulances here. So it is a pollution-free area. This is the relief that the nearby Mumbai people require.
Me and My Brother in Matheran,2004

Next we go to a places really miles away, to Mount Eden, Auckland,New Zealand. This is my current favorite place. This is my escape when the daily crazies get overwhelming. I am very tempted to photo bomb this place for you but I will resist.
On the way up to the Mount Eden Summit

This is my entry to the #AtoZChallenge 2014. I am having loads of fun reminiscing about my favorite places in the world (among-st the very few that I have visited!) . If you want to check out the whole list I will cover through the month, check out my theme post.


  1. Except Mount Eden i have been to all the places. Particularly i loved Matheran.


  2. Of these places, Matheran is my favourite. I visited a few times from Mumbai when in school and college, haven't been there since many years. I wonder if it's changed now.

  3. How beautiful and that one temple is so colourful. I also really like that there are no cars in that one place as well. More should do that

  4. Some very nice pictures of the beautiful places that you have visited!

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