Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Lasvegas,Nevada

This place is famous and notorious for many things. Movies and TV sitcoms show us that this is the place for all things wild! So yes I expected naked girls, wild men and drunken weddings when I went to Vegas. :D

But yes going there with your family isnt exactly the kind of wild that those movies and TV sitcoms want you to do! But still, I had my evenings away from family. But I didnt see any nakedness or anything much wild but still what I saw was really amazing. This was the world where there was no day or night. Time stays still here. Or it passes by and you'd never know while you wait to strike some gold at a random slot machine.

Me and mum were stuck at the 25 cent or was it 5 cent slot machine in MGM casino almost whole of the night. My dad tried to protest ( again he was scared of the notorious aspect of the city!) but he went back to his room to sleep :O We did win! Actually mum did. We put in overall $150 and I think we won some $100 on a slot. :D It took us all our might not to spend all our dollars that night. The place is addictive to say the least.

We came to the strip, stayed there and went on with rest of the trip. So all we covered in Las Vegas were the casinos on the strip. And most of the time, it we spent on a slot machine :p My sister-in-law who claimed to be a blackjack expert tried her hand miserably at it. I did not even try to aim higher than the slot  machines and I especially stuck to the mechanical machines.

Yeah I should go back and see the place properly and then probably tell you about the places I liked. Afterall, the slot machine cant be just the only thing to see in vegas,right?


This is my entry to the #AtoZChallenge 2014. I am having loads of fun reminiscing about my favorite places in the world (among-st the very few that I have visited!) . If you want to check out the whole list I will cover through the month, check out my theme post.


  1. I have never been and would like to go at least once to see a show and walk around and even see the art museum in the Bellagio, I think. I don't care for gambling-seen too much sadness from that ( I am a Credit Counsellor) but as long as one knows when to stop that is the key

  2. I'd love to go to Vegas one day, just to see it. I'm not much of a gambler - I would have stuck to the slots too.

  3. What happens in Vegas , stays in Vegas. Any such stories by your side ?\


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