About Me!

If you have come here, I wonder why!

I always have had this weird thing about the question,'Tell me about yourself?'
I could sit hours talking about myself how can I summarise myself in a sentence or two, I wonder.
Afterall, to know me is to know the 30 years I have lived on this planet,na?

Ok Dont Worry! I'll stick to the norms and not write an essay on me. Instead I'll only tell you about Me Version 2012. :D

I am a mom to a vivacious Two year old girl and a wife to a Game Designer husband and by profession, I am an Peoplesoft Analyst.

To know more about me read through my blogs or mail me on sirisha.as@gmail.com or twitter me on @vevisia . 


  1. Hello, Sirisha. Well, I followed you here from the A to Z Challenge (and our perhaps neglected <100 Followers site). Maybe we need to do something about that. I have met lovely bloggers along the way and I do try to read as many of the interesting Challenges as I can. That shoots April for starting a new novel.
    Good to meet you.

  2. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Such a cute daughter <3..Very nice blog you have there ! ..Living in Hyderabad ?

    -Lekhya <3


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