Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts? November 5, 2013

Anywhere possible! I am a working mother of an active preschooler. It takes effort to sit 5 minutes without being asked for something. By the time its sleeping time for the girl, its also mine as I am darn tired. :( Yes I am a really boring person that way who sleeps even in the weekends by 10 PM. 

But yes during a vacation recently, I managed to wake up real early and sit out in my hotel room balcony to write a post. I must say it was bliss! I didnt write anything magical or poetry but it was therapeutic and a much needed stress-buster.
Here is the view I got:
View from a room in Aotearoa Lodge,Whitianga.Coromandel,Newzealand
Come to think of it, here is the view from the window behind my work station at home:
View of the Auckland Harbour
Yes so that's my writing space regularly.Not so shabby. I get to see many cargo ships coming in and out of the wharf daily, while sitting at my station trying to write something!



  1. Looks nice. I really like looking at a water body when I am trying to write. I am a total beach person... so a beach vacation means writing :)

  2. Really a nice place to write...


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