Monday, November 04, 2013

Who is your favourite character of all time? November 4, 2013

My favorite character all time is from the novel 'Fountainhead' by Ayn Rand. She is called Dominique Francon and as the author describes 'is the woman for a man like Howard Roark'.

Frankly, I have read this novel at least 20 times from cover to cover and it each time I understood a little bit more. First time I just read it and came out blank thinking how is it that a woman is so cold that she requires someone to force himself on her to evoke some feelings. I didn't think that was possible. Dominique like Roark is a complex person. She isn't the regular woman. She thinks the world isn't ready for the likes of her or even Roark. So she thinks anything that Roark makes ( he is an architect)  is so sacred that the world doesn't deserve it. So she takes it up as her goal to not let Roark get any assignment because she cannot see him being criticized by an ignorant audience.
She is essentially a pessimist and has a really wrong perception of life for a long time. That is until she sees that one man is succeeding to stand and stop the tide and turn it over, does she realize she should also have some goals in life.
Even though a pessimist, she is a thinker and an independent thinker at that. She is not influenced easily even by the love of her life. She needed even Roark to provide for facts and analyse them before she would decide.
She is my favorite character of all time and because of her I love reading Fountainhead over and over again


  1. *gulp... I left Fountainhead midway...

  2. Love Fountainhead....I was a changed person after I read it the first time and had a huge crush on Roark!


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