Friday, November 08, 2013

ICE- Expat Woes

In case of Emergency(ICE)

No you don't want to think about it. Nothing can happen, should not happen and why be a pessimist by thinking about it. But then future planning is pessimistic in nature. Everything from Life insurance to wills are. But eventually one day, when the preschool gives you a form for putting in ICE numbers, you go into that mode. Doomsday prepping mode.

We just moved into a new country where we have no relatives and no friends. Then we are given this form to fill where we have nothing to fill. No numbers apart from office HR. What if? That is a question I was plagued with the entire night.

What if both of us are in some form of accident and are unable to pick up our child from school?
Where would she go?
How would they reach to her godparents and guardians who are so inconveniently located in India and US?

How do expats do it?
Yes, we form new relations and friends. But doesn't it take time? What numbers do I fill in this form?

Thats is the reason why I dont think ahead usually. When nothing is in my hand, what can I plan? I am an optimistic person. I am sure I will live for a 100 years and I can go pick up my daughter from school every single day. No emergencies ever. Period. Let me live in that bubble please.

But I have the form staring at me with blank lines looking menacing.

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  1. Oh God! I understand the feeling! That is the kind of responsibility children bring into our lifes I guess! Life was never sweeter, at the same time, never felt so tangled!


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