Wednesday, October 09, 2013

What should be done to stop smoking?

So Woody Allen doesnt want to screen his movie 'Blue Jasmine' in India because of the cigarette smoking disclaimer ads.
Here is the plug-in:
I feel its okay if one film doesn't get screened in India. Big deal. If the campaign hits hard in disgusting at-least one person out of the nicotine habit , its good. I have seen the ads in the theater, they are annoying but so is the habit of smoking.
I see governments taking up the cause to spread awareness against cigarettes. The Newzealand government has an entire campaign going on:

The US too has banned smoking in public areas in most states:

I dont know if this really works. Because I am constantly trying to not passively smoke when I am out and about. Especially in the bus stops. We have to wait out atleast 5 minutes for the bus. I am sure I am reducing a minute of my life passively smoking in that wait time. Invariably, I am moving around the bus stop to avoid the smokers.
I wish bus stops would also be included in the smoke-ban areas.

Why dont they totally ban the cancer stick ? Obviously, they wont! The tobacco industry will go beserk and the governments get a lot a moolah out of it .Also who says when something is banned, it isnt around anymore? Isnt prostituion illegal in India? Arent drugs banned?

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  1. Yeah right. I was under the impression it's banned at bus stops.. just checked it's just banned at bus stands/stations! Pity.


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