Saturday, October 05, 2013

Smart Phones Dumb People? Book Review

Why is there a question mark at the end of the title?
Thats the first question that came into my mind. I believe I have gotten dumber after the advent of technology. Back in the days, I used to remember 10 land-line numbers. My parents, my closed friends and some emergency numbers. Now I cant call anyone apart from my husband and my mummy even if my life depended on it.
The sentence the author writes about it the book about having so many social network connections but no friends to talk to, really is my story. I have people clamoring to like my Facebook updates but probably wont be interested if I call them to talk!The book is divided into 5 chapters ranging from Innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, priorities and corruption. I like it that way. Especially for a non-fiction, it feels better for a reader when the book itself is organised. 
The language used By Mr. Sarma is effortlessly flowing and I as a naive non-fiction reader, had little trouble understanding or at least following where the novel is headed. Obviously, the language is relatable because it isn't too refined.

Topics like Corruption which is a burning topic and everyone has a say about it. But the author handles it okay and somehow the use of technology sounds a plausible solution.

Sometimes I felt that the author is stating the obvious! The so-called smart technology and the rapid innovations happening around us, should help us to get over the very basic problems that we have in life -socially as well as at personal level. But it isn't as easy as is said? But its food for thought for sure.

I got this book back in May'2013 just before I immigrated from India to Newzealand. It was my friend during the 19 hour trip into the unknown lands. I admit not by choice but because I had no other book to take along and had no time. But I dont regret not having a choice. I had a good time reading it and I thank
PRJankari communications for giving me the book. 

AuthorParthajeet Sarma
Pages:  176 pages 

PublisherGood Times BooksGenre: Non-Fiction

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