Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What is your worst fear as a parent?

So I don’t know who all of you readers caught the MTV VMAwards’s Miley Cyrus’s act. I know You’d wonder why I did! I did so accidently as the video went viral on Youtube. And the only reactions were ‘My eyes! My eyes!’  and ‘Poor Parents!’
From then on my nightmares are made of my toddler growing up to idolise one of those. It could be so. Living in a western country, her taste of music is definitely not going to be Bollywood.
Well, speaking of Bollywood, I also saw ‘Shudh Desi Romance’ the other day! What on earth is wrong with this generation? (That is, if that’s what the reality is!) How is getting pregnant, abortion and maintaining live in relationships teaching anything good to a na├»ve viewer?
Progressive is it? I think not! Women are further more regressive and downright dumb and not ‘modern’ in this movie. I know the movie isn’t preachy and just stating some facts. But frankly, if ever I show my child a movie to state facts, I would show her ‘Vicky Donor’ rather than this one. Every piece of art should have some responsibility, shouldn’t it?  My fear is that my daughter shouldn’t be Gayatri or Raghu too for that matter!
So,yes, when people ask me why I guard my child so much from any kind of media other than ‘Disney Junior’, I now show them the Miley Cyrus video.
One weird one I got the other day was that she eloped and married a Chinese guy. No, I had no problem with that.’ Why did she have to run? ‘,I asked my husband. (He has already certified me a case for the shrink!)
Stories of missing children and those ending up in human trafficking are also nightmarish. 
Now, as the wise men say that we should just try and do our best to teach them things to stay out of trouble as far as possible.
I try to teach the child her address and phone numbers. She tells it sometime and sometimes she just misses a number or two. It is anyway too much to ask of a 3 year old to remember a 10 digit number.

Obviously, I fear things that haven’t happened and God forbid shouldn’t happen! But am I the only one who is anxious and overthinks things? 

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