Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Aviva ‘What’s your big plan’

When I was just a little girlI asked my mother, what will I beWill I be pretty, will I be richHere's what she said to me.
Que Sera, Sera,Whatever will be, will beThe future's not ours, to seeQue Sera, SeraWhat will be, will be

That seems to be my overall principle as far as long term planning goes. Nothing is predictable. Nothing is certain. There are many a times when I plan things meticulously and see everything going the other way round. So I plan to keep my plans general and not specific.

Like I don't know whether my daughter would want to be a doctor or an museum curator or a Wildlife photographer but I am sure she will go to some form of higher education. So I have an long term education fund for her.

I hope to have some health left in me by the time we retire, so that I take a cruise around the world! Sigh! OK a 5 star cruise , not necessarily around the world.So that makes me invest in some solid pension plans.

I plan to settle down in Goa in a seaside quite cottage where her children can come and spend their summer holidays with me. That is huge moolah too. That is one specific goal and goes against my que sera sera principle. But I could do with any seaside not Goa then Vizag or Kovalam. :D There needs to be savings to make that happen.

I donot know if I would live that long to see those grandchildren. So I have my life insured so that it would help my daughter lead her life without any hurdles in a way that she wants to lead it.

Overall, I can see when I type my plans, they all revolve around money. After-all money makes the world go round. Personally, I want to raise my child in a way that she is proud of me. A firm head above her shoulders and confidence to beat all odds, is what I aim for her. What she would do with her life, is up to her. But whatever she does, I hope that she is proud of it and in turn will make us proud of her.

Another song beautifully wraps up my feelings on this topic:

Translation:  What will be, What will be, What will beWhat will be of my life, what will beIf I know a lot, or I know nothingTommorow we will seeand will be, will be what will be

I do not know about my future but I will plan as if I know. I know it may change but at-least I know I tried.

This blog post is written as part of the contest Avia 'Whats your big plan'


  1. We pretty much have planned the same way as you have with the education, pension funds etc... I think its a great way of ensuring a great retirement when the time comes and a secure future for our little ones no matter what!

  2. Wow! Que Sara - I have been singing this song to my little boy and he has been asking me the meaning and I have been managing to put it into the way a 3 year old can comprehend...This is such a beautiful song and I sing it to me to remind myself that "Whatever will be will be. The future is not for us to see" It takes out the fun anyway from tomorrow!


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