Friday, August 30, 2013

Songs that make me mushy and weak in the knee

Now I have crossed the age ( or they say!) where I can be star-crossed , mushy and weak-knee-ed when I see a Indian Film hero spread his sweater-ed arms wide with Switzerland in the background and the itsy-bitsy dressed  heroine breaks into a run towards him. I know! It never happens. I would freeze to death if I do it. My husband will never do it even if he's appropriately dressed for the place. But then the young teen in me refuses to die and sometimes when I hear these songs on the radio, she comes out and it feels good. I say,Radio because my playlists dont have these tracks and I dont ever play them on my own.

So here are the most romantic songs that make my heart gooey-gooey inside and make me forget the practical cynical woman I am today.

1. Pehla Nasha - Jo Jeeta woh Sikandar
2. Tumhi dekho na- KANK
3. Tujhe Dekha toh yeh jaana sanam- DDLJ
4. Tumse Hi -Jab We Met
5. Suno na -Jhankar beats
6. Khuda Jaane -Bachna ae Haseeno
7.Bolo Tum Bolo Zara -Shabd 
8.Deewana tera -singer:Sonu Nigam
10.Socha Na tha- Title song
11. Nahi saamne-Taal 

11 is a good place to stop. Its my favorite number and its my birthday :D 

P.S. I always love doing the songs blogging.. It puts me on a high! This one makes me mushy mushy high!


  1. i love 2 songs in the list more Sireesha.. pehla nasha and Nahi samne.. these songs make me feel light, like flying, in some other world.. melodious music gives happiness that cannot be explained in words na..ofcourse, these songs are romantic too :p

  2. Tuje dekha toh ye jana sanam from DDLJ is all time favorite song.


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