Saturday, June 01, 2013

      No. Nope .Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nein. Nyat. Iie. Nahin. Non. Vaddu.

I know you shouldn't be using this word often. But I usually use it with my toddler. Especially when we are out and about. I don't know how not to!
At home , I try to avoid the word consciously. I try and explain things to her and try and manipulate my words around the situation. But outside, like for example,today we were in the mall, its impossible to not to say No.

I cant explain her the consequences while I try to stop her running onto the roads. First what comes out from the mouth is a big yell and a strong 'No!' . Then when she is back on to the footpath , the reasoning for the NO starts.

I cant explain her the results before she runs for the escalator without starting with a big yell and a strong 'No!'

At home my favorite word to replace 'No' is 'Not Now'. I postpone the situation and get a lesser defiant toddler. Maybe I am making a procrastinator :D But it works and how! There is no power struggle in 'Not Now'. There is no Mommy being a Hitler moment :D

While at the mall today, I also saw a man smoking under a 'This mall is a smoke free area. No smoking here' When I pointed the board to him with a smile, he laughed and shrugged it off. Maybe the usage of words were wrong there too.

By the way,New Zealand valiantly is trying to be smoke-free by 2025. God Bless the initiative.


  1. Aaah... Sirisha. Moms of Toddlers talk alike :)

  2. Coincidently, I use NO with my toddler too so much. I feel bad about it but I am unable to see a way around it. "Not now" is something I should certainly try... do try it at times, but I too should make a habit of it.

  3. Same here. If I consciously push myself not to use NO then it works, I find alternatives. But usually I end up saying or screaming NO a lot of times. Note to self - Use less NO, be conscious about it! :)

  4. Srisha, my favourite replacement for NO has been "I'll think about it" and now my daughter all of 11 knows that it almost always means NO and gets down to discussing her proposal and justifying what she's asking for :)

  5. I'm a Hitler mom too. No is my favourite word for my kids, as I've posted about, and my least used word to others... talk about double standards.

  6. Sometimes No is the only word that's necessary. All children understand it. It even tends to be a two year old's favorite word.


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