Friday, May 31, 2013

Spicy Or not!

So we went the Italian way at La Porchetta , a Italian Restaurant chain , at Parnell, Auckland.
Their logo is 'Eat Live Love Italian'. I eat and love Italian. I probably might even consider the living part someday.

We had a entree of ' Home made breads' with 3 types of dips. The one tomato vinegar one was to die for. Yumm! There was also the olive oil dip with balsamic vinegar and a green Salsa Verde,I think. Obviously the olive oil dip is the American Italian twist.The breads were slightly on the denser side for my taste but then not too bad.

I had 'Vegetarian Alfredo' with spaghetti pasta. I always expect an Alfrdeo to be white but here I was served a dull red. Surprise! Was it a good one? I am afraid not really. I like my white creamy sauce when I crave it. I settled for the dully creamy marinara sauce but only after an elaborate helping of the salt and pepper shakers! I also had a generous sprinkle of red chilly flakes. Then it tasted yum and spicy :D I think a bit of seasoning could have taken the dish far.But  I loved the generous quantity of veggies in the pasta.

My husband had a 'Napoletana Pizza' with too many olives to count. But he loves his olives and he wasn't complaining. The pizza was actually better than the ones I have tasted yet in Auckland ( Though I haven't had too many yet)

Ambiance wise it was family-friendly and casual. Perfect for us with a toddler. The toddler was promptly given a paper and few color pencils for entertainment. Thumbs up for that too. She also got to take home a La Porchetta balloon as seen above in the picture.

All in all, we had a really good family time but the food could do with a dash of seasoning.

'No Spice' actually was the word for my post today.
I plan to make this for lunch tomorrow. Hope that is spicy!


  1. Spicy with a twist :)

  2. Like places that know how to keep a kid happy :)

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