Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blog-A-Prompt Disaster!

Disaster. Absolutely nothing comes to mind. I am drawing a blank.Then again,wait!
I remember reading in the Auckland Museum , that Auckland sits on a volcanic field. Currently dormant, the field might erupt again within the next 1000 years, says Wikipedia.
There is a contingency plan set in case of a "disaster", The Auckland volcanic region is what is called as Mono-genetic. This means that one volcano will only erupt once. So if there were to be a volcano in Auckland, it would mostly have to be a new one. When can this volcano occur? That is not known. It can or cannot happen anytime. :D Hows that for the prompt?
The symbol of this volcanic region has to be the Rangitoto Islands which is a shield volcano. This was an island formed from a series of eruptions about 600 years ago.

Rangitoto Island Src:


  1. Yikes you're sitting on a volcano. Interesting.

  2. How pretty yet dangerous this is :(

  3. Oh yes, the whole of Nz has some or the other natural disaster, close by, ready to strike. Wellington was on a earthquake fault so prone to earthquakes. Auckland I heard was volcanoes, then tsunamis, cyclones and fires were the next in the list of probable disasters! But the people there still enjoy life as if there is no tomorrow :)

  4. till it erupts..enjoy..still 1000 years to go? u can come to this island for 3-4 more births too :))


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