Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blog A Prompt Day 3- Monday!

Ok so let me recall this Monday.

I get up seriously lately at 7.30AM . I blame it on the cold and snugly blankets we are in. 
I come out and immediately feel like having a cuppah [coffee]! I lazily switch on the coffee maker and feel inside the fridge for the milk carton. Yes the carton is there, but no milk! 
I lazily push myself towards the door, open it and search for milk packets. Ding! It clicks. This isnt India. No milk delivered to the door. 
So I push back into the house contemplating whether I can have the coffee black. But it wont work. I have two ferocious milk drinkers still sleeping snugly unaware of the milk crisis. I sigh. I put on the heavy jacket and set out into the cold to buy milk. 
Well! Its 7.45 Am now. No grocer close to me will open till 8AM. So I wander about the neighborhood. 
Everyone greets the grumpy me with  cheerful 'Good Morning' and a couple of  'Have a nice day ahead' greetings. My mood begins to slightly lift. 
I see a quaint cafe next. Trust me, you may not have a grocery open this early but the cafes open at 6. I decided to have my Latte here and enjoy the scenery while I wait for the stores to open. I get a muffin free with my latte. I love these people. :D 
After a good Latte, I go to my grocery store where I have to decide whether to take the blue top or a green top milk! Yes when I am given choices I don't want to make , I ponder around. After getting the green top one and paying what seems to me a ridiculously high amount of money for 2ltrs of milk , I return to my cozily heated apartment. 
My two milk drinkers are still blissfully asleep and I need to wake them up to yummy milk :D No Milk Crisis here. Now I think , having no milk delivered at the doorstep, is actually going to be fun ME time , I will get everyday. Yippiee!


  1. I experience the same thing.In India,you get milk on the door step but here (Australia) you need to go to grocery store to buy milk whether its coles or woolworth you have a huge range of milk to select from and with various colours of lid that confuses you more.

  2. Isn't it lovely, that feeling of waking up while the others are asleep and doing something on your own? :) Ah I miss those cafes in Wellington and that lovely aroma of coffee!!


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