Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Laptop - or which one to buy!

A netbook or an ultrabook or macbook or a tablet!

A Lenovo or a Vaio or a Dell?

A 15 inch or a 14 inch?

An Intel i7 or Intel i5 or AMD?

NVIndia or AMD Radeon Graphic processor?

These are the only questions my husband keeps popping out at me nowadays from the fateful day since I said I wanted one Laptop. He has never been more excited about getting me a gift. I am no layman for these technical specifications. I can tell my clock speeds and gigahertzs when required. But sometimes , like this time I just wanted the question to be which color ? :p

But nope we are still on researching for the perfect laptop for my needs! Erm.. also for his needs as it is clearly stated already that he wont be getting a pink or cherry red Laptop and it must have a good graphic card for playing "the" games.

Secretly, I want to get a normal pink laptop with integrated graphics so that he wont ever touch the laptop :D But I dont think it will be the case!

Let us see which one we square in on!

So all you techies and laptop users, which is the laptop to buy currently?


  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I'm the same as you I'm afraid. Pink! Not that I've bought one yet, too much choice..

  2. I had this issue when I asked my parents for a new laptop, they asked for all the details of what exactly I wanted and I could only say 'a big screen' as I have know idea about technology! All I'd say is don't get netbook, they're too tiny and don't even have a a CD drive! Good luck finding the perfect (pink!) one (:

  3. There are so many choices out there. The bad part is that your computer will probably be obsolete in like two weeks.

  4. I agree on the netbook part. I thought the tiny one was, so wrong. I tossed it after a few months. Now I want a giant desktop.

  5. Macbook Pro, hands down! :) Not in pink though :P

  6. i bought Macair last year and have never been sorry...its perfect for all the work, reading writing and they have good resolution too so images r good. I installed photoshop and illustrator too....its light and easy to carry around, for games there is always hubby's laptop to play around, no?


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