Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Obtaining a PCC from Hyderabad,India! Not really an Ordeal!

So its now official ( That is another O) We are migrating away from our homeland! Its sad but career-wise its exciting and enriching.

The major hurdler in obtaining a work visa for us was the PCC or the Police Clearance Certificate from Hyderabad. Following are my tips to all future migrants.

p.s. My experience limits only to Hyderabad. Note that every city has its own way of dealing with these certificates in India. Painful but true.

1) There are two ways of obtaining a PCC in Hyderabad . One is going directly to the Police Commisioner's office site.
The other is via the Regional Passport Seva Kendras.

       Here my sincere advise is to go through the RPO itself. I went through the Police site way and obtained the certificates, just to realise that the embassy of the country I am immigrating to,only accepts PCCs obtained from the RPO. The RPO also stamps an endorsement onto your passport,which obviously police office wont do. Most countries require this endorsement on the passports. So it is better to go through the RPO way only.

2)  Firstly, as soon as you get a job offer or decide to migrate to a country which requires a PCC, start the procedure to obtain one. PCC is valid for 6 months. Applying for a PCC well in advance will save you from a lot of anxiety. It will take time.

3) Apply first through the online portal of the RPO/PSKs and get the application acknowledgement.

4) The only required documents are your passports and address proof. The valid address proofs are as per this link :
Sadly, lease documents and other private bills dont work.

5) You are the luckiest if your current address and the address on the passport is the same. Then all you need to do is to walk-in to your nearest PSK( I went to Begumpet) between 9:30 and 11.00AM. You will get your PCC within 4 hours max.
6) Now for those who arent that lucky and the current addresss doesnt match the address on the passport. If your address is still in the same city and the passport is under 3 years old , you have a chance of getting the PCC on the same day. (I got it this way!)
7) The last scenario is that if your current address is of a different city from the one in the Passport. You then walk away after 5 hours , with an acknowledgement receipt stating a "pre-verification required from police".( This is my husband's scenario)
  • From here, your application goes to the Passport Verification Cell in Saifabad. The file moves physically from PSK to PVC. So this step might take time. After the file comes in , it has to be entered into the police records. That takes 2-3 more working days. Then a field officer from the area of your current address is assigned your file. He can take upto 3 days to come to the house and make the file.Then the file is physically returned to the RPO. Then the RPO scans the file back into their system and you would receive an sms to come and collect the PCC.
  • To speed up above process, I directly visited the Passport Verification Cell's ACP and explained my urgency. He was a kind man and got things done in 2 working days.
  • Again when the file reached the RPO, we visited the RPO to get the sms hastened. Note here that we did not go the PSK. The PSK will only allow you in if you have an SMS stating that "PCC is ready" 
8) My only advice if you want your PCC in time is to visit the respective offices almost on a daily basis. I got my husband's PCC within 7 working days which otherwise usually takes about 30 days.

If any of you have further questions about PCC , feel free to ask me :)

Non-Hyderabadis, sorry to bore you with this blog post :D But I felt there is too less information about the procedures and I literally had to struggle a good one month to get proper information.


  1. Hi..Its very nice that u received u r PCC so soon.
    We too are following the same process.Our address were changed.. and police verification is done and they have already submitted the RPO and still status did not reflects"The application is under review at the RPO " since the day we have submitted the documents.
    Finally, tomorrow we have decided to go to RPO and find wats happening... so will they complete the process that day itself (coz its an urgency we require the PCC at any cost).. or what else should we do..please advise.

  2. Please visit the RPO. We also had the same status and till we actually visited the RPO for 2 continous days, the status did not change!

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