Friday, March 01, 2013

Spicy Bites of Biryani By Ashwina Garg Book Review

Author: Ashwina Garg

I saw in a recent episode of Grey's Anatomy where two burn victims criticize how romcoms always show that the only worry that people have is to find that perfect soulmate to spend the rest of the lives with!
Yes! It seems to be. If you find that person, most of the problems of life automatically get solved.
When I read this book too, the lead characters are looking for soul-mates. The leading heroine herself is a chick-lit writer who falls for the same trap.

The book is set in Hyderabad.Hyderabad a city I never wanted to settle in but I did. I love it now. I am now as lazy as the city is. I am a nawab. I loved the way the author has interwoven the city and its culture into the novel. I especially loved the part when she describes the labor of Hyderabad aka the Electricians, plumbers and the such Nawabzaades to perfection.

The story of the novel is simple. The narrative is simple. The writing is simple. I mean this as a compliment,mind you. Sometimes simplicity works. Here it does.

Richness exudes from every page of the book. There is no worry as far as money is concerned. So all that the characters are worried about might seem trivial and miniscule when seen in a broader sense. 

But when you read a chicklit, you never think of Economy or Bomb-blasts or Inflation, its all about the romance, candle lit dinners, champagne and wine and expensive brands.Its about all the good we think Hyderabad represents in this book. IT boom and all the software companies that have sprouted in this city are well represented too.

I didnt put down the book once I started it. I wanted to see Aditi make it to her wedding. Oh! Thats still a suspense and I guess the plot for the next novel in the series. I have met many a Sanjays in Hyderabad , the rich NRIs looking for an Andhra bride. But it was nice to see him fall for Aditi intead of arranging himself a wife.
Mayank and Jayashree and their intercultural marriage is the story of most modern day marriages these days. I myself am in such a union. Their khichdi of a marriage is fun to read and I am sure once a baby comes into the equation that will be fun to read too.
Overall, as a chicklit the book serves its purpose. It entertains while it lasts and has the consistent flow to keep the reader interested. But its a one time read as is common from this genre. I am looking forward to read the next in the series from Ashwina, for sure.

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