Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Beaten by Bhagat- S.V.Divaakar Book Review


Is Mr.Bhagath a credible writer? Is Mr.Salman Khan a great actor? Or is Mr.Karan Johar a great director?
Take a national survey and I am sure that more will respond affirmatively than not. Popularity exceeds Quality. Art evokes reactions so different from person to person and that’s what makes it so unique. So when someone compares different artists , I feel they are just wasting time.
Having said that Let me get to the book review (Now this is just how I felt about it)

BB is the central protagonist of the novel. He is typical MNC guy who writes well. Like even I have been told by many (I am sure not truthfully) that I write well, even he was. But unlike me, He went ahead to try and write a book. I am never really thinking of that! He seems to be a good writer. But he is constantly compared to Mr.Bhagat, his college mate, which is inevitable.

The first chapter really didn't do anything to me. I really had to push myself to get on to the next chapters. Hostel life and ragging of the freshers and smart-Alec freshers is not shown in any new way that hasn't already be done. I would have left the book at the first chapter, but I never really do so with any book, so I went ahead.

I got an insight into a writer's mind when he wants to get his work published. The hardship of getting a book from its infancy, raising it and then putting it out to the world to judge is difficult! I compare this to parenting a child as I can imagine, it must be similar.

One gets a look into the world of Indian Publishing and wannabe writers can get a few tips from the novel. I was surprised at the facts revealed about it and I think it will help to know these things.

As I read through the chapters, I could somehow see the awkwardness that was apparent in the first chapter vanish and the author becomes confident in what he wrote. I think he was much more comfortable writing about "The Sinner's course" and the publishing world than he was with the college ragging and stuff.

Overall, I like Mr. Divaakar's writing. I am looking forward to read something more interesting and gripping from him. I can see a potential in his writing. I read through the book completely even though the subject wasn't of my interest, just because his narrative wasn't boring. That is really good for a first timer, isn't it?


  1. I don't know if it is good enough Sirisha. In today's cut throat world of writing, the first step is to have a well written book. And then follow the whole PR machinery, book tours et al. And already Judy Balan has done a twist on Bhagat's book. Why did Divvakar want to play on his title again? He could've stopped with the first line. And going by your review, I am sure I'll give it a miss!

    Like you, I can't put down a book once I've started it. Sometimes I feel like killing myself out of boredom, but I usually persevere. :)

  2. With so many writers coming up every day, the junta tends to make 1 person benchmark to the others. However not all the budding authors impress hence the comparison is more highlighted. I am glad you are reviewing books. I wish I can keep up with it too. :)

  3. Heeheehee! Well Mr.Divaakar got his fiction published, it turns out! Even I compared his and CB's style. This is indeed a revelation. *chuckle* I just reviewed his The Winner's Curse on my blog. Do visit.


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