Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project52 Week 7 The Week of Love!

aah! 14th February! The day of love,red hearts, cupids,hallmark cards , cozy restaurant candle light dinners,pinkness overload,mushiness overload, movies on TV high on mush rate! My kind of day?

It would have been a few years ago. 5 to be precise. Then walks in my man of my dreams not in shining armour and not riding a horse. He is practicality and logic wrapped to get rid of all things mush!

To him Valentine's day is a day for the marketing gurus to sell mush to people who know nothing better than to fall for it! To him its a videshi holiday created for the videshis because they had not many holidays to boost off. We Indians have enough to keep us going for years in a single year,he says.
So what did we do for Valentine Days? Nothing.Zilch. Routine life.

But it was also the day 5 years ago when Mr.Practical had proposed marriage. No not the way we usually see in movies. He had planned nothing and had no ring to give me.We were sitting in his Dad's car driving to a movie and talking. The conversation turned towards future and we got talking seriously movie totally forgotten. We got totally engrossed discussing careers,finances,kids, their careers and their finances! Wait! he said. We do need to get married to get the legalities out of the way! What say? He asks.

I sort of sulk at the proposal. He understands and chuckles. He knows I have been a huge Yash Chopra-Karan Johar brand of romance fan! I like the mush! But I like the reality that he painted before me better. I like the "marriage" he talked off that ranged till atleast 50 more years of togetherness rather than a "wedding" that would last atmost 5 days.

He didnt promise me the moon and the stars and beyond. He promised me a roof over my head and yummy food he would cook for me sometimes. That day I grew up. I wanted that kind of mature wala love. I could get my mush from the 3 hour movies alright. My life, as envisioned by him, was really the kind of love I love!

I love my practical capricornian husband! He doesnt serenade me but tells me hows much he loves me each day in so many different ways I can and sit and write about that for years.
Maybe I'll write about it on our 50th anniversary. This should do for our 5th anniversary this year on 16th February.

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