Friday, February 08, 2013

Project52-Week6-February! Change and Life Update

Maybe. Possible. or Not. What if? Then what? If not?


This are the questions with various different scenarios running in our mind these days. We are in a limbo. In the dead bang center of a huge crossroad in life. 4 different directions to take and each one has its own merits. But we have no clue.

So we hang some more. Things arent going to be certain for another month or so. Even that is wishful thinking. But otherwise life has to go on. That is the difficult part. One cannot sit huddled up in the corner and sulk till the stuck-in-middle-of-change phase gets over. Especially, since my 2 year old has no clue and she expects things to be normal as usual for her.

I behave erratic under stress. I stop cooking almost completely. Somehow stress and kitchen time are inversely proportional to me . So we are eating out a lot and almost all of it is junk. Those 10 minutes of junk is my stress buster :( Thank God, the toddler is being fed by my mum who lives next door. So atleast she is having healthy.

So People who may or may not care whether I post or how frequently I post, I am sorry I didnt post a while. I will post now but beware the common topic will be "change" and I will be sulky and ranty. More than usual. If that is possible :)

What is the change? One can ask. Legitimate question. But I wish I could answer. Its a top FBI secret..grrr. Thats another thing that irks me.. secrets! I cant keep them for long and I am bursting at the seams. Well! That can probably attribute to the junk food too!

So thats my Project52 rant! :D See you all soon again.

P.S I got Leibster Awards from two lovely people. Muah! I know its a tag and I need to take it up. I remember. I will. Promise.


  1. oh..I hope whatever it is gets sorted out soon!

  2. Anonymous12:11 AM

    I see the light at the end of the tunnel for you and don't worry it's not an on coming train :)

  3. Hey thanks for stopping by at my blog a c I hope things works out for you.

    We also are in a kind of limbo to take a decision on what next, but is not stressful yet as still we have 2 years left from the time we have given ourselves.


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