Thursday, January 31, 2013

RIP by Mukul Deva - A book Review

Author: Mukul Deva
Genre: Thriller

Yes the country is in shambles. The politicians are corrupt so much so that they reek of corruption without a doubt. There is a need for Lokpal bill to be passed. But like many waves of agitation, even Anna Hazaare wave seems to have passed without creating much more than a ripple.

Doesn't the situation seem frustrating? Don’t we all at one point or another, think off shooting off the corrupt? There lies the genesis of this book. That single thought that has crossed every single adult Indian mind, sometime or other.

We all know the names. We all know who they are and we all know what they did. So even if the author decides to name them anything, what’s in the names? I won’t quote Shakespeare as people we talk off aren't roses! 

Do I personally want this fiction to turn into reality? Do I want some real patriotic people to turn against law? Somewhere the answer is yes but I know killing a few bad men is never an answer. But the book does manage to convince me that there probably might be no other way out. In the land where Gandhi preached Non-Violence, we are heading towards violence, one ponders. I wonder if Gandhi were to be alive today, would he also see no hope in a non-violence movement.

Aah! I like it when a book evokes thoughts and debates in my mind. This book does that exactly and hence the reason why I liked it. From the first chapter itself, the book sets up a pace with 3 killings with clinical precision and execution, you cannot help but just settle down to read it till the end.
Pitted against the patriot ex-military men is a rogue ex-Para commando. He forms the flip side of the coin. Not all men serving to defend the country are loyal to the country. He is the money guy this Raghav Bhagat. The kind who would do anything for money. The kind exist lot more than the Colonel Krishna Athawale and his K-Team guys. Sad but true!

IRI or the Incredible Resurgent India, sounds too good to be true and cheesy. It’s what India probably needs . But it’s happening is fictional and is good to read in a fiction and imagine about it. But there is always that hope for the better.

The ending is positive and gripping and filled with optimism. It leaves the readers with a smile and hope. That’s a nice read , aint it? We have enough worries to worry about in real life anyways. So I am happy in a way that the author chose to end the book in the way that he did. Nothing makes me sadder than a book or a movie with a pessimistic sad ending.

Mukul Deva is a good writer; his previous work had already proved that. Yet again he doesn’t disappoint. The military-political backdrop is obviously his forte considering his own profile.
If you are an Indian, it will make you think and flare up your patriotism. Well, sure after a good night sleep, you will again go back being mundane and regular, but these surges of patriotism are good for India too. A normal average Indian like me can only say , if ever there is a party like IRI , my vote and support will go for it!

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