Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lessons from Motherhood so far!

Things I learned from my experience so far as a mother of a 2 and a half year old. Mind you, I love being a mother more than any other role I have ever had the opportunity to take up. But then it’s also the most difficult job ever, isn’t it?
  • You cannot resign. Once signed in, you are in it for life.
  • You cannot yell
  • You cannot spank
  • You cannot complain
  • You learn to eat while someone poops in the same room, sometimes within 1 meter distance.
  • You and spouse can talk about poop consistency and the milestones achieved for potty training with as much interest as some big sensational news.
  • You learn to stay without sleep for days together sometimes.
  • You lean PATIENCE is after all the biggest virtue.
  • You don’t get embarrassed when the toddler throws a tantrum in the supermarket. Instead you stare back at irate people.
  • There is no personal space not even in the toilet.
  • You smell like puke but you learn to live without a shower for a few more hours, till the sick child is soothed.
  • You talk and understand a whole new language!
  • Sleeping in on a weekend?! Ha! You learn that getting up early in the morning is actually, beneficial to you 
  • You learn various new recipes to cook even if you hated to even get inside the kitchen before.
  • You learn to multitask. A baby in one hand and a phone in other and pick up a poky toy from the ground with the ease of a gymnast
  • You can never ever see your spouse as anything but the father of your children. 
  • You now love group hugs and no bear hugs for you and the spouse.
  • Gadgets banned at home, can be your best friend in confined long haul air journeys
  • Speaking of Air journeys, if a co-passenger wants to play with the child, forget about the stranger phobia you have and enjoy the little break!
  • Your house suddenly turns into a baby shop with all myriad, colourful toys and you should love it.
  • Learn to walk around and over all the toys without stamping one. It’s an art!
  • A messy house shows that there are people living in it and having fun, not that it’s unclean!
  • It’s ok to look a mess too sometimes. Everything is forgiven for a new mother. But its stretching it too far if you are so even after 2 years postpartum :P
  • You get mommy brains along with the baby. So keep tab of everything lest you forget. (You probably might forget to keep tab too!) Invest in a milk boiler.
  • Wearing dupattas help! Emergency blankets, emergency mouth wipes and emergency messy food cleaners! All-In-One. I had to use one and throw it in the bins once! Sigh!
  • Your walls are a huge canvas full of toddler art! Admire them!
  • You start to talk to every mommy in the neighborhood on whose shoulder a baby hangs! You wouldn’t care whether she is your type or not! Play Dates are at higher priority!
  • Never ever take ‘I don’t like you, mamma’ sometimes with an ‘ever ever ever’ seriously, for your own sanity. Just remember the ‘I vov you,mumma’s
  • Friends, who stuck by you after you became a mother, are the real ones. Stick to them!
  • You are the one to sacrifice everything and still be happy about it. They don’t get to see TV, so even you can’t. No movies for them. None for you too. It’s all for the future goodness.
  • You learn to control the urge to kill anyone who makes a noise during naptime to wake up the baby. Its ok. It happens! Urgh!
  • Take any and every babysitting offer up. Don’t think twice. Especially if it is from grandparents
  • All the good that the child does, it is attributed to his good nature and both the parents. All bad that the child does directly points to a bad mother.
  • Sleeping through the night is an event that calls for a big party. Enjoy it till the next growth spurt or a growing tooth or a nightmare hits you.
  • The more expensive the toy is, lesser is the time and attention it gets from the tiny owner.
  • You can be a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM), Working Mother, Working at home mother (WAHM), you will be judged on something that you are neglecting!
  • When you tell her the princess stories at bed time, you don’t imagine that she will start acting like a princess and ask you to bow down to all her demands, soon.
Do tell me if you agree with and have learned the same things as a mother. Obviously, there are more lessons to learn. Do share your lessons that you got from your children.
Finally I end this with my favorite quotes these days:
“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” ~Milton Berle
“The hand that rocks the cradle usually is attached to someone who isn’t getting enough sleep.”~ John Fiebig
(From a prayer for her daughter): “…And should she choose to be a mother one day, be my eyes, Lord, that I may see her, lying on a blanket on the floor at 4:50 A.M., all-at-once exhausted, bored, and in love with the little creature whose poop is leaking up its back.”~ Tina Fey (from “Bossypants“)


  1. Loved this one, I have friends who are parents and You've hit the nail on the head

  2. Oh Sirisha, every item on this list brought a smile to my face :).. I especially remember the murderous looks to anyone who dared to make a noise after I had soothed/rocked/shook my 7 month old bad sleeper to go to sleep for her nap.

  3. oh siri.... i was laughing at so many of them and feeling bad on some for my mom.. i have done those dont like us... wish i could revert...

  4. Loved this post, do not know how did I miss this one. I was smiling as I was reading this.

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