Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Project52 Week 2 -Should a two year old be graded?

Okay so I was a very proud mother when I got informed about this at the toddler's playgroup PTA meeting.
 I thought 'Wow! She is just 2 years old and she is 'Child of the month'!' . And then when I processed this thought again I found it ridiculous to grade a 2 year old. What different could she be from the other little Two year olds? Isnt it too early to start ranking kids? Do these kids understand and are they already putting themselves into set brackets ? Not really. Not so early. But then what is the point of the whole excerise I ask the teacher. It makes some parents feel happy and others dissappointed about their parenting skills for no real reasons.

I dont know what I did or what she did in the playschool to get recognised. I have no clue what I am doing as a parent. So do most of my peers. So to rate my toddler over theirs is slightly unfair. The school says that the system is always been in place to rate kids in terms of how they behave in the class. It helps them to grow better and learn healthy competition. I dont think that system is going anywhere as other mothers seem to like it :)

The word scared me. I know here that if I continue down the usual Indian Education System , my daughter will be ranked on some measly questions that happened to cross one person's mind. The undue stress termed as healthy competition will eat into her carefree childhood. I will be surely drawn into the rank net and wonder if she could really be capable of going into IITs/IIMs/AIIIMs afterall.


It starts so early. I am now beginning to understand why some parents are opting for alternative syllabi for their kids. Some are even homeschooling them for that matter.

Otherwise, the toddlers playschool is really chilled out. They dont teach her anything. They just answer if she questions. But then each question is answered in a very descriptive way. They will be no particular syllabus followed till she is 4,they say. But while they play, the teachers are making sure the kids get their daily dose of discipline, table manners and toilet training tips.

I just have to digest the ratings and the progress cards that the school gives. But that's just once a couple of months. Shouldn't be hard.I have more 4 months to go to decided whether this system works for me. Lets see.


  1. It may not be such a bad thing, sirisha, if all the kids get to become child of the month in rotation :) It used to happen in my son's first playschool, they would recognize all the kids, and sometimes all the kid would be a star for was to have "tried harder"!

  2. It could be pretty harmless right now simply because 2-year-olds can't possibly understand the significance of Child of the Month, based on the school criteria.. they will be happy seeing their photos up for all to see...Maybe it may even serve as an incentive if explained to them right...

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. grrrrrrrrrr.... I hate the system that says one kid is better than the other because he can do sums faster, or can spell better. You've got to boost your kid's self-esteem so that she feels she's always kid of the month!

  4. Heard about such practices from my co-sis as well, her kid's school has it too. I hope the gradation system is only on how cute each child is one a particular month/week. 'Coz that sounds great. Otherwise, if there is pressure put on them, scary. Very scary :-(


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