Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pointers to my future 18 year old daughter

Dear Daughter,
         I will keep this short and sweet. 
         Following are a few things that I would like to be your guidelines in life. It is a big bad world out there. But by no means you stop living the life that you want to .
  • Never call a man 'Bhaiyya', 'Bhaisahib', 'Anna' unless until really blood-related. [Not worth it]
  • Wear what you like, the shortest of the short! As long as you are comfortable with it.
  • No one tells you what is right or wrong to wear apart from your parents. Sometimes even they can go wrong!
  • Learn self-defense . Atleast one form of martial art is a must. Give back to any one who dares to mess with you.
  • Only ever use or implement the words 'Sacrifice' and 'Comprimise' for your own children.
  • Respect men who respect you.
  • Help people in need. You donot ignore a person in need, for your own safety
  • Visit discotheques, wear make up . If you can bear the sounds and feel pretty on getting painted 
  • Live in India not in Bharat! If anyone forces you to stay in Bharat , move away
  • Never fear to go out midnight. Dont go just for the heck of it , though! :D 
  • Never judge a man by his state. He can be nice even if he is from Bihar or UP or for that matter,Maharastra.
  • You have been studying in a co-education school and will be for the rest of your education. 
  • Damn the Maryadas! Dont idolise Sita or Draupadi. Mainly because they donot hold much revelance in your day and age!
 Love Mamma


  1. Agree. This is one brilliant brave fantastic bit of advice to your girl.


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