Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pointers to my future 18 year old daughter

Dear Daughter,
         I will keep this short and sweet. 
         Following are a few things that I would like to be your guidelines in life. It is a big bad world out there. But by no means you stop living the life that you want to .
  • Never call a man 'Bhaiyya', 'Bhaisahib', 'Anna' unless until really blood-related. [Not worth it]
  • Wear what you like, the shortest of the short! As long as you are comfortable with it.
  • No one tells you what is right or wrong to wear apart from your parents. Sometimes even they can go wrong!
  • Learn self-defense . Atleast one form of martial art is a must. Give back to any one who dares to mess with you.
  • Only ever use or implement the words 'Sacrifice' and 'Comprimise' for your own children.
  • Respect men who respect you.
  • Help people in need. You donot ignore a person in need, for your own safety
  • Visit discotheques, wear make up . If you can bear the sounds and feel pretty on getting painted 
  • Live in India not in Bharat! If anyone forces you to stay in Bharat , move away
  • Never fear to go out midnight. Dont go just for the heck of it , though! :D 
  • Never judge a man by his state. He can be nice even if he is from Bihar or UP or for that matter,Maharastra.
  • You have been studying in a co-education school and will be for the rest of your education. 
  • Damn the Maryadas! Dont idolise Sita or Draupadi. Mainly because they donot hold much revelance in your day and age!
 Love Mamma


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