Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mistakes Like Love and Sex - Book Review

Author: Madhuri Banerjee
Publishers: Penguin Metro Reads
Genre: Romance/ChickLit

First Thoughts:
Brands. Gucci. Prada. Luis Vuitton . Vuitton. Vuitton...[ Hums the English Vinglish song!] Never once is anything that has/can have a brand is mentioned without a brand. I am not leading an anti-brand campaign nor am I a part of but the book seems full of big names. It doesnt really hamper the reading but it just sticks at the back of the mind.

Plot: The protoganist is shown to be a modern heroine with a brain. An typical metro heroine who is all about big degrees and zero interest in homemaking. She is waiting for her ideal soul mate. That is one thing even the metro woman cant seem to get rid off. She wants a man to be her soul mate. Whether or not the soulmate idea is true or just some real good idea to sell romance is debatable. All this set against a good delectable mix of art, cinema et all.

Some Musings:
 A modern heroine with a brain shouldn't be smoking. No brainer there. Sigh!
The Heroine 35 isnt really as mature as she wants to be. She is too much into sex and her relationship barometer always uses sex as a measure.
Siddharth Mafatlal isnt a real Software Gaint.  Those geeks are different. Maybe he likes art but still no traces of software in that character to relate to him. [ I am a software girl and have met my share of Software biggies {Only met ;)}] 
Finally, the intelligent modern day woman also wants what every woman cant seem to free herself off- a marriage and kids. The Single emancipated happy woman is a myth,na?

My Verdict:
A good afternoon coffee time read.  Too predictable and cliched but that's expected out of a chicklit. I am slowly running out of patience for this genre. I hope Madhuri Bannerjee comes up with something more refreshing in her third book. Looking forward to read her more. See! Thats the magic of her writing. I dont think I said much good about her characters. But I want to see where Kaveri goes finally. But Please Madhuri, let Kaveri not jump into beds so easily! :)


  1. Sounds like a decent one time read Sirisha :).. hope I can get around to it sometime. Else maybe I'll borrow it from you :P !

  2. Hehehe sure you can borrow it sometime.. come to Hyd:D

  3. i love such books.. quick reads... and not too heavy...

  4. yes. often, Kaveri judges her relationships based on sex.

    I liked the philosophies and teachings in general on relationships, love and life.

    nice read. :)


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