Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Alchemy - A book Review

Publisher :  Tranquebar, Westland
Genre : Anthology, Erotica

If there is one genre I thought I never would go into, it was erotica. Typical middle class Indian girl that I am, the genre never interested me or spiked my curiosity. Obviously, I have been there, done that! But reading books or even watching movies about someone else doing it is not my cup of tea.
So when this book came up for review in Blogadda, I thought now here is something new and something I would never order off flipkart or buy at Landmark myself. Everything needs to be done at-least once in life and who knows I might enjoy it.
I love short stories. They are pacy and easier on me to read. (Try handling a 2 year old and reading a lengthy novel at the same time. It’s a task to remember where I was, each time).
 My Favourite of the short stories is 'The Marrying Kind' by Mary Anne Mohanraj. It is one of the most relatable stories. The girl has some expectations manifested probably over years of how her love life should be and the boy going beyond his boundaries to meet those expectations is what a real relationship means.
Farmer’s Daughter by Rabi Thapa is the most predictable setup for an erotica as far as I know. But the end isn’t as predictable. The master-maid fantasy is the thing that sells in this genre.
Abandon by Shrimoyee Nandini with its unexpected end was an interesting read. A couple goes to abandoned old under-construction buildings to find excitement and pleasure. After a few times, they begin to wonder if there are more people like them in these buildings and if someone is following them. Ending is unexpected and that makes for a good read.
Mouth by M.Svairini is not something I would ever imagine liking. It’s about four different types of people after a possible major change in humanity and everything going underground. Every science fiction I have ever read takes humans underground after a major catastrophe renders the Earth atmosphere unsuitable for living. That’s a cliché.
But then again my fantasies cannot be yours and yours cannot be mine. This probably aint my cup of tea!
I fail to understand erotica. I think when they say it is the most difficult to write sex, I understand where they are coming from. None of the words used really match up to the real experience. Not only am I boosting of my own experiences but what I am really meaning to say is that it’s difficult to express these emotions. So in that sense the stories fail to capture my imagination.
Otherwise the stories are interesting and read-worthy as stories, not branding them to be of certain genre.
Though I have gotten over my hesitancy to read this genre, I will still not go and buy one myself. The book or the stories haven’t really piqued my interest for the genre.

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