Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hairy Experience

 There are many such days when I think 'I wish I had opted for her hair removal' before rushing out of the house. But with a two year old banging on the bathroom door as if the apocalypse has come it becomes really difficult to spend more than 2 minutes in the bath.

So I have to peel myself off the fur while she naps. Or in the middle of the night. Even then if she yells due to the shower noise I have to rush. 

Once I had a lunch date with my girlfriends after a long long time. I planned out the lunch date in great detail and had picked out a nice knee length skirt to wear with a strategic belly covering blouse :D

I had arranged the toddler to be dropped at her grandparent's before I leave. So I had to pack for myself and I had to pack for her too. I packed all non-food items before night. I also wanted to take care of my fuzzy legs in the night but the toddler was teething so I had to cuddle next to her to get her to sleep off the unease. Poor she. Fuzzy legs can wait or I did have a pair of jeans in case I couldn't get to the hair removal part next day. 

The next morning I wake up at 10Am as the night had been a little eventful with the teeth finally breaking out. So my husband let me sleep in while he took over babysitting in the morning. For me, sleep conquers all other plans. My lunch date was conveniently forgotten.  

But it struck me at 11 Am that I was late and I needed to rush out. First I had to pack some lunch for the baby and some iced teethers too. I did that and then took a quick shower. As I came out of of the shower , I banged my forehead 'Yikes , the fuzzy legs!'. So I rushed back in and I thought I took care of things neatly and without any ugly nips. Yippee to me! 

I came out and put on my skirt and attempted to put on some makeup (read lipstick) but I was called for a diaper emergency! Sigh!

It was now 11.45 PM and I was running real late. I managed to get out of the house in the next 15 minutes , dropped the baby at my mom's and reached the lunch date venue. 

All my friends were already waiting outside. They complemented on my postpartum look and how I lost a lot of weight ( I hadn't but that's what Girlfriends are for!) and then one very observant one said ' Is leaving on leg unshaven, a fashion these days? ' 

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  1. Yikes!! I remember the first time I wore a skirt after my second one was born ;)

  2. Ooooh Boy... hahahahahaha...loved it Sirisha :)

  3. really ! damn !

  4. Ooops... that's called mommy fashion... lolz.


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