Monday, January 14, 2013

Project52- Week 3- GenNext!

Picture the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Kindergarten

Boy Hugs all girls he finds around him and gives them a big kiss on the cheek. The mother gushes that he is going to be a heart-breaker. She even buys him a Tee saying so.

Scenario 2:  A Party with relatives.

An adult asks a 2 year old boy " How many girlfriends do you have?" and pat comes a reply , " So many many many" with hands held wide open! Oh the parents are proud or what!

Scenario 3: Campus Ganesha Mandal Performance

Age Group: 5 to 10 year girls performing to a mix of 'Sheila', 'Halkat Jawani' and 'Fevicol se'/

The gyrations aped exactly as the heroines do,to the last pelvic thrust and flat chests heaving comically.

Scenario 4: 10 Year old girl's Birthday Party 

The Birthday girl is wearing black pantyhose and makeup consisting of a  red lipstick. So I wont have to say more.

Scenario 5: 15 year old girl's party at home

All the girls are giggling in a corner. Nothing unusual. They are turn by turn talking on a phone. Nothing unusual there too. I ask whats so funny simply unable to contain my curiosity. The answer stuns me. They were talking to a cousin of the birthday girl whom they saw in pictures and found cute and sexy. They were flirting with him. He, on the other hand, was shell shocked and was unable to react.

 These is my last one week in shock. What is it about today's generation that's so disturbing? Where are things going wrong?

First 2 scenarios are cute on imagining a 2-3 year old pudgy boy saying or doing things as mentioned. But isnt that a foundation being set in these young boy minds that girls are meant to be 'Girlfriends' and they need to be all huggy-kissy with them. I know I might be over-reacting here. :|

The next 2 scenarios are also disturbingly common these days. No wonder 'Tweens' are as confusing and difficult as Teens. I can easily blame the parents here. Pantyhose? No 10 year old can go and buy one for herself. Can she?

The last scenario was hilarious. I think that's how all 15 year old girls are .  I remember having my share of curshes on cousins too. But did I call them and flirt with them.Hmm. Okay there were no mobile phones then  and landlines too costly for us to be allowed to use.

These are just ponderings that just stuck to my mind the last week. I have no conclusion to make on them. Just the thought randomly goes back to these scenes sometimes and I wonder what is wrong there!


  1. I honestly don't see anything wrong with what you've written about expect for pt 4. the pantyhose n lipstick on a 10yr old. I believe that parents should let kids be kids and not make them grow up too quickly.

    You can restrict them all you want, but they will pick up stuff at school, or from the friends they hangout with.

    I feel that some parents still try and live through the lives of they children (that's where the things go wrong)

    Great Post BTW :)

    1. There is nothing like really really wrong. It just makes me wonder if thats the way we should react! :) I know the peer pressure to behave in certain ways are always there.
      Thanks for reading :D

  2. i know, when i see d kids dancing to fevicol se with those expressions.. i get scared!

  3. I sometimes think the hippy generation had it right. Let them see it all hang out, then nothing is taboo.

  4. Yeah I think that last one is definitely more to do with how easy it is to connect in today's world. All those 15 year olds are definitely on FB too, and have been for a while I think.

    Imagine scenario when we were young - standing in the middle of the living room and using the single corded phone of the household and managing to flirt? That would have been some achievement ;).

  5. Major research topic this is going to become - how to raise your kids! :)

  6. dunno whats right and wrong about flirting at such age but rest can be sure blamed on parents. They should know better about preserving innocence and simplicity as long as they can. changes will sure come but the kid should be prepared and aware of that.


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