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Wrong Means Right End - Varsha Dixit Book Review

Author: Varsha Dixit
Genre: Romance/ChickLit

I used to like Chick Lits a lot when I was a teenager. You know, especially ,the pages with loud sighs and heaving breathe and darkened-with-desire eyes. But once life happened and everything happened, I have now become a cynical mother who looks at things differently.

Same with this book. Had I read this book way back as a 16 year old I would have swooned and dreamed about Nikhil Chandel. The tall,handsome and angry hero of this fiction. The cliched hero whom you'd like to be mad at but can't because he is so darn handsome. Now the cliched hero doesn't appeal to me because I have that cliched hero at home now 24/7 farting at inappropriate times, leaving tiny beard hair all over my sink and leaving the toilet seat up.

I do not also see life as simple as shown for the single working mom,Sneha Gupta. Damn! I am not single and I find it way more harder than she does. The heaven-sent maid that she has is mostly a dream to many like me. In reality I am the maid cum working woman cum wife cum mother rolled into one. I donot have time to go to my BFF's place at a whim. Let me not getting into the parenting no-nos that child is being put through and why isn't he going to preschool or something and too much TV/video games;etc; Topics like these are debatable.

 I have to think of a thousand things before. Why,oh, why, is the girl always from the advertising world?

I will not start on the parenting ideas this book brings across! The child is 3 and in diapers and the mother is worried  more about the Angry Hero making her lose breath. Well, she does have the heaven sent nanny and grandparents who drop whenever its convenient. The child also is sent easily to his grandparents when required that the mother spends some time alone with the hero.Wow!

Somehow I donot believe that I would have sex, let alone think of it, with my BFF and her toddler in the next room or in the same house with her knowing about it . I never felt so even when I was a blushing newly married with raging hormones. Weird me I think. But Nandini and Aditya are the most believable characters otherwise and one cannot help but like Nandini. Who wouldn't want a Nandini as her BFF?

I would rather stop using cuss words than replace their first letters. After all,use Kutiya or Chutiya or Bhutiya or Muthiya or 'uthiya' with any other letter  , it sounds bad and I wouldnt want it coming from a toddler's mouth.

Woah!I sound jealous of Sneha's life more than anything .  Hehe Uhmm I dont think so!
 I would have loved to read that divorce was due to just differences between the couple and the marital rape issue should not have been brought in. I felt it was trivialized and unnecessary.

But I have to give the author credit for making the book readable till the end without really getting bored in spite of all the cliches of a romantic novel. This is all thanks to the writing style which I think is fast paced and effortless.

I would have liked the novel just that I have gone past ChickLits sadly. But I read through it ,over a cup of coffee at night in a straight 3-hour marathon sacrificing my precious sleep hours and I didnt once feel sleepy. I read through it and that says a lot :)

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