Sunday, December 02, 2012

2nd December 2012

Today is my parents 38th Anniversary. You'd think they are old but they aren't even touching 65 yet. My mom is just 57. They got married real young. So they have been married more than half of their lives. They fight, they crib, they threaten but they never confess that they cannot do without each other. Actually, they do not know how to live without the other. God Bless them! and Touchwood!

I will be 68 on my 38th Anniversary and Hubby will be 70! That is nearly old and going by our current energies,real old. I don't have half the energy my mother has. She plays with her grandchildren, takes care of her house,cooks, tailors and designs and paints and still never complains of low energy. She just has a single maid and she is pampered more than any maid on earth.

My maid was off for a day and I have a sore neck , a migraine and a bad back to show. Sigh!

This is a Kala Tikka post for my parents. All 'buri nazars' stay away from them :) All well-wishers wanting to wish them on their anniversary welcome :D

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