Saturday, December 01, 2012

Looking back at where the year went!

As I picked up the morning paper and was reading through the big Advertisement , I glanced up on the date December 1,2012! Wow!

SideNote: Times Of India, please do note , I would have liked to quote the latest headline from the morning paper today as my first line and sound so cool . I know you make a million bucks from that Ad on the first page but it just kills the thrill of a newspaper for the likes of me!

So back to my main topic of the blog. Its 1st December,2012. Its December! Where did the year go? What did I do these 11 months of 2012? Why is life speeding away at a jet speed?

And then there is the Mayan Calendar! 21st December 2012 is supposed to be our last day on Earth. I have merely 20 days to do what I want to do in my whole life :O :P :D

Then I think, what crap! I donot believe in these doomsday prophecies. I,surely,will die someday but in an boring sorta dull everyday Joe death. I will not have the hollywood running away from a disaster and buildings falling on either side death. Not me. Life isnt that kind of exciting for me,ever. I like it like that! Anything but routine disturbs my inertia and I love my inertia.

Then again if it really happens! I'll rue not splurging on a big holiday in Honalulu or some such place! All that little saving in the bank would be totally meaningless right?

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