Saturday, December 08, 2012

Day 8 Blast from the past!

Blast from the Past

Blast from 7 years ago. College time. A day before my exam on DCN (Data Comm and Networks) . I remember this so whole because I sucked at this particular elective. A day of color . Holi!

Every year for Holi, all school friends flocked to this one particular friends place in Nerul,Navi Mumbai . It was a given. But this year ,I had exams. I knew I would fail if I didnt put in more effort. But a couple of phone calls and I was like "Chuck it! I'll take the KT" (KT is retaking the exam if needed).  I told my dad that I'll just be out an hour and will be in the complex itself. He hates holi colors , so he wasnt going to check on me. I caught a local from Vashi to Nerul and reached the place at 11.30. I was there till 12.45 and rushed back to get to studies by 2PM. It was so short a duration, everyone cribbed about it but it was one of the best 1 hour I had in my life. I am so glad I took that decision to go.

Because even though that year , we promised ourselves that we will meet every holi even after marriage and with our families , it never happened again. Everyone moved on. Everyone got busy. Everyone got their own higher priorities. Few amongst this picture, are in touch with me on a regular basis, a few sometimes and a few have almost disappeared from the radar. Sigh!

This was the last year of my carefree life. Next year on the rollercoaster of life geared up and increased speed. New job, Career, Promotions, Boss, Colleagues, Office Politics,Boyfriend,love,affair,engagement,parents ,wedding,Phew!
Such is life. C'est la vie! Its goes on . But thankfully I have these wonderful memories to cherish for lifetime. I hope to have the kind of holi that was in 2005 yet again with the same set of people sometime atleast once more !

This is my Blast from the Past !


  1. memories are special, right?

  2. I love Holi too. This post makes me want to go back home for Holi and relive what I've been missing all this while..

  3. I stopped playing holi many years ago! So, any picture of Holi with friends is precious to me :) Loved your post - really nostalgia invoking..

  4. On 1st look I thought you had put up a picture of a Hoi celebration from my college :) We used to stay in an almost residential college and Holi was full on every year. Lovely memories :)

  5. i sucked at dcn too :D and lovee holi ... :)

  6. Nice one! I am drawing a complete blank.


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