Friday, December 07, 2012

Day 7 - Friday! My Shaggy Legs


 I was just seeing yesterday's Grey's Anatomy episode on StarWorld. The way Lizzy was so paranoid of shaving her legs before her "special night" with George ( which in mind is like incest :P) got me thinking.  I realized I don't care to shave/wax my legs on most days unless I decide to wear a short dress or a capri or some thing on those lines. I really don't care what my husband thinks/likes/wants anymore. I am sure till we got married and till an year or later,he thought I had no hair on my legs at all .
Mental Note: Dont take him for granted and put some effort , Girl!
He is not frivilous and doesnt care much about appearances. But once in a while I think He'd like the wife not to look like Shaggy!

It is sort of comforting feeling though. I am no longer insecure in the relationship. It shows that a pair of hair legs isn't going to create any rift. :P  I remember being paranoid in the beginning of the relationship and visiting  salons almost on a weekly basis even though we hardly met.

And the days we did meet, I had to look my absolute best. In retrospect a complete made up doll. I always thought of myself to be a plain jane in terms of physical beauty. I was always about the books never about the looks. He,on the other hand, isn't an average Joe. He could model if he wanted to. All the girls in my office would swoon when he came on his bike in a casual black jean and jacket to pick me up. Most told me I was lucky to be dating him and should hold on to him tight. I did so literally and figuratively.

But I think over time as I got to know him better and beyond the looks, I felt more relaxed and started to believe when he said that he thought I was the most beautiful girl he has ever met :D

I am now rushing to see the Dental Surgeon even though the pain has miracalously disappeared. Gayab. :D Lets see what she says about my horizontal wisdom teeth now.

Its the weekends that are going to be difficult for me to post in this Marathon because its my 32 year old who is more demanding of my time than my 2 year old. But I am obsessed about this and I' ll make sure I put up something. :)

Tomorrow is my Date Day! The toddler goes to Grannies place and I am going to doll up for the hubby. I don't know if he notices but I'll feel good about it for sure :)

I also am planning to take the toddler to the flower show in a park in the vicinity this weekend. It should be a fun weekend for me as I am going finally see both Talaash and Life of Pi!
What you doing this weekend?


  1. Totally agree with's the person that matters more than just what they look like. But, at times, dressing up is for your partner is sort of gets the spark back in the relationship. Hope you enjoy ur weekend. :)

  2. 'hehe', funny but honest post! the balance between taking someone for granted and making that effort for him.

  3. hehe.. this reminds me of the occasional day I take out my capris and have to put them back because of the same reason :). This is why pants and kurtas have become a sort of uniform.

    Have a lovely weekend, I am hoping to catch a movie too, does not happen much in the household, wish me luck!

  4. So agree about the part going beyond looks and starting to believe the person complimenting your looks..
    it comes with being comfortable with how you look..
    so nice of you to take the trouble to dress up just for the hubby..i think I was over with this phase after the first year :-)

  5. Exactly the same thing my husband also thought. He believed that I was ALWAYS tip to toe perfect. But in fact I am a lazy bum. However I have a membership with the nearest parlor and they give me call every month to confirm my reservation. Guess wax strips come to rescue to avoid the otherwise awkward conversation. :P

  6. I like the membership idea.. if someone calls me to remind I might go regularly.

  7. Totally understand what you mean about Izzie and George. I am also lazy about shaving my legs but glad you don't let that come in the way of date night.

  8. I don't colour my hair or use any make-up except the odd dash of lipstick and kaajal but my legs MUST be waxed, even if it is in the middle of winter and my husband is away. :)


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