Thursday, December 06, 2012

Day 6 My first dentist visit

Last week my husband's cousin who is studying to become a maxilla facial surgeon, came for dinner. Amongst many discussion, he mentioned that next to labor pain, dental pain is the worst to bear. I having gone through 19 hrs of labour and the husband having gone through 4 wisdom teeth removals both nodded our heads vigorously . But neither knew what the other pain would be like. The husband can never know. I had a chance of knowing dental pain and voila! I have it today. Excruciating pain in my lower jaw currently numbed down by painkillers.
So my morning was spent at the Vasan Dental Care Centre to find out the cause of the pain. An x- ray later I was told that my wisdom teeth was growing horizontally into my molar area. Sigh! My wisdom is crooked and has to be estranged out by the Oral Surgeon.
Tomorrow I meet the Oral Surgeon. Oh for the X-rays, I had to remove my earrings and chains. In the process , I lost the earring holder ( what is that really called?) going by current rates of gold, I have lost a mini fortune surely. :(. I spent an extra 30 minutes searching for the thingy. I got the housekeeping to clean the entire area too. So now we have a clean X-ray room but it was no use to me.
The housekeeping has promised me to tell me if they find it but I have no such hopes.
Now I am back home and thankfully Husband is home too to take care of the toddler while I nurse my aching tooth.
That's my Day and mainly I didn't miss Day 6! Yippiee !


  1. oh..what can I say, I have gone through both the pains and I am a regular at the dentist's..only I can't proudly display all the fillings *horror*

  2. aww..hope you feel better soon. And I hope you find that tiny fortune too :) Somewhere hidden in tiny corner...

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  4. I am a regular at the dentist but the mere thought of child birth scares me. Hope your tooth is okay soon and you find your earring holder too soon enough.:)

  5. Hope you feel better soon :)

  6. Thank you all :) I hope the toothache goes away soon too..

  7. If you ever find that earring holder - do make yourself a gold tooth cap will you ;) *ok, kidding, don't kill me!*

  8. I remember i had 6 extractions in one go :)

  9. I love dentists, err I mean going to the dentist. My husband says that too. Touchwood never had a very painful episode yet. But you take care and get well soon :)

  10. @TypeWriterMom Surely Done Deal! Gold tooth it is..:D

    @Simran Is your Dentist hot? :P Mine is a grumpy old man who keeps lecturing me.


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