Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 27 Little Sacrifices I make as a mother

It starts from the moment of birth and now it feels as if it will last forever. The mommy in me, never seems the rest of me to enjoy things that I usually would when the kid wasn't born!
Like right now the kid is sleeping cozily in her own cot. I am writing this article in a slightly off mood. Let me give you a little background. I was at a party at my mums an hour ago and everyone decided to watch an horror movie. I tried to make the toddler to sleep in my mum's bedroom but she absolutely refused. She was already past her bedtime by an hour. So I left the party alone with the child and came home. I told the spouse and the rest of the family to enjoy the movie.
So Now everyone is happy except the sulking little mommy writing this little piece here. A good mother wouldn't sulk. She would be happy and proud of keeping her toddler on schedule and not letting her watch the gory horror. The mother in me is happy and satisfied. If I hadn't left the party, the mommy guilt would have killed me from inside while the toddler would have become increasingly cranky and tantrum-my.
Its a simple scenario of choosing between enjoying a movie with family versus ensuring the toddler's routine is maintained for everyone to be happy.

I make a lot of changes to my lifestyle because I like to keep the toddler's life the way it used to be for previous generations. She gets to see no TV, no movies. She also never gets junk food and chocolates. So it becomes very difficult to take her out. The places are restricted to those meant for kids or proper sit down restaurants.

That I am, somehow ,going against the stream, to raise the kid becomes apparent only when there are guests in the house. They need to be taken out and taken to movies and TV is a norm. But when I restrict TV and when one of me or spouse stay behind with the toddler when we book movie tickets, people find it a little weird.

I make separate food for her. I don't feel comfortable making her eat pizzas,Chinese Takeaways or burgers. Though, trust me, she would love them!
I make sure that the toddler is asleep
I surely become a villainous dictator, in the eyes of many. I dont know whether what I do is right or wrong. But I maintain these rules in the house

But these are expected little changes that we mothers make in life and keep making. But there should be some little moments each mom should have for retrospection and  crib about it . So that is what I am doing right now.

Let me crib Please :D and then I will continue to lie down next to a calm sleeping toddler and well, do nothing else.


  1. I bow to thee... You are a lovely mother Srisha.
    P.S- this scares the shit out of me :(

  2. Really touching post and i could completely relate to it. My kid is around 2 years now, even iam doing the same. Making sure he is following his daily routine at any cost and is not eating any junk food.

  3. u r not cribbing, indirectly u r reminding ur self that u r indeed a good mom, the child will grow up and u will have lots of time then to do what u wish but right now the toddler needs all the attention and u doing a gr8 job...cheers...its something u will be proud of in the years to come,

  4. Good mothers are the work of fiction. We are real mothers, the very best we can be.

  5. Hats off to the mom's and this post reminds me of the sacrifices my mom made when i was a little brat. I can see similar sacrifices waiting for us with the 2 month old Aaliyah in our life. Very nice post... straight from the heart...

  6. very very toucy thoughts those are...i myself go through this every single day....but believe me I do only half of what all you do for your kid...i have other guilts to deal with but then this is life of a mommy. What we think will be perfect does not exist i think.
    Hats off to you !!


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