Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 26 The hangover!

Its been a mad couple of days with carnival hopping, Christmas at home and cooking and baking and the guests and the toddler.
Trust me when I say that I havent slept a bit in the past week mostly out of anxiety to feed so many mouths with some kind of edible food. :P I do have my saviours in the form of restaurants and home deliveries but how many times before home starts looking like a hotel is always debatable.

And Breakfasts! They are the most difficult. But I had meal planned the entire stay of the guests well in advance. But sticking to it takes away all my energy and the fun out of it.

Here is the look at the gifts !

Firstly My Santa Pallavi Purani gave me Chumbak stuff which I absolutely loveeeee!

 Thank you so much Santa!

I so much wanted to do a gift haul of all the gifts I gave off as a Santa. But I still don't have any time to myself to do much. But I had to put up Pallavi's gift picture. So I took out 5 minutes to post this. 



  1. That is reallly sweet of you to do that :D I am glad you liked it.

  2. sweet of the Santa and the Santee :-)))

  3. Have yourself a wonderful time with the guests, and then a relaxed time when they're gone.

  4. wow so many gifts..lucky you :))

  5. Its the time to stay busy and cheerful :) Happy holidays!


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