Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 17- Bye 2012

Will or wont the world end? NASA is pretty confident it won't. Still for safety sakes , I am bidding the year adieu in advance. Kya pata.. Kal ho na ho! {Imagine me with wide open arms aka SRK]

      Pandit Ravi Sankar,Bal Thackeray, Jaspal Bhatti, Yash Chopra,Vergese Kurien,Neil Amstrong,A K Hangal,Rajesh Khanna,Dara Singh,Mehdi Hassan,Whitney Houston,Mario Miranda,Dev Anand,Ustad Sultan Khan, Bhupen Hazarika, Jagjit Singh, Shammi Kapoor,Amy Whinehouse
, Maqbool Fida Hussain,Naveen Nischol,Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Eric Segal...
 It is just me or too many famous people died this year. Especially bad year for the entertainment industry to have lost many stalwarts. And the countless others , some known and some unknown to me, but surely missed by many in the space they had created for themselves here on Earth.

Happy 0th Birthday to
                      My Niece Kavya, Ivy Blue,Samuel Affleck,Viann Kundra and many many other precious little ones born this year :)

Major Events that made me sit back and think [Not a lot affects me,usually]

1) Olympics- Apart from a occasional cheer to a very rare medal for India, I never really saw it. I should . Next Olympics, I will follow.

2) Whitney Houston died. I loved her songs especially from Bodyguard.

3) WHO removes India from the list of Polio Endemic Countries. Yey! The the polio drive seems working.

4) Sachin is God! 100 100s :D

5) Facebook gets its own IPO. Nope I didn't get a share. I don't even have a demat account :( Should I put that in my bucket-list? hmm.

6) Japan Fukushima Nuclear Plan was reopened for media. Is it safe now? Or silent damage has already been done?

7) Putin and Obama reelected Presidents of USA and Russia respectively. Good for them. For me? I can never understand Politics enough to say.

8)Michael Schumacher retires again. Please stay retired. I loved you more in your previous stint.

9)Gangnam Style! Sigh! What does that guy have that our Desi heroes didn't do?

10) There comes Honey Boo Boo. Yet again! I feel sorry for the kid. If Toddlers and Tiaras was a step towards total weirdness , this is way many more steps ahead.

On a personal front, I will make a whole new post about it. Arrey! I have about 14 more days of non-stop blogging to go. Cut me some slack. :)


  1. He he loved your list!!! And seriously I don't know what that Psy dude has with Gangnam style. Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY knows the song and likes it too! Someone please help me understand why is it that famous???? :O

  2. LOl!!! Halfway through I was doubling up with laughter...But Gangnam style has to be done...c'mon..just one step..

  3. wow! didn't realized so many memorable events were made during this year....and that Rajesh Khanna n the fan craze at his funeral, worth a special mention no?

  4. oh what a year it has been... :) Would love to read your next post on this.

  5. hahhaa... gangam style is the dance ... yo prats.. totally agree.. :D

  6. burning the old man :) nice idea :) gotta remember to blog about that:)

  7. This is such a cool idea for the Saturday theme...Personal or not...It's always wonderful to read how a year is different for the people around us! Oh yeah! my 2 year old sings and dances to that totally weird song :P


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