Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 18 A Prayer and helplessness

 Dear Friends, fellow bloggers
I am one of the blogger who is taking part in observing silence for the innocent victims who lost their lives on Friday’s shooting rampage at Connecticut.

I am sorry for the parents. I am enraged at the shooter. But I am thinking what should be done in future to avoid this. I have you all in my prayers and I hug my child tight as I say the following:

1) Can this be avoided in the future? Gun control act. Who gives a normal 20 year old a gun ?
     What kind of governace allows all citizens to have a gun? The assault gun used was outlawed till 2004 . Then the law wasn't renewed from than on. Sigh!

2)  Adam Lanza's mother did not intend to raise him to kill his own mother and several other innocent people. What led to it? And what lessons does it have for parents to help their children not to become another Adam Lanza?

3) Is the media projecting the villian as an anti-hero? He is intelligent a media report suggests. Stop doing that . Please stop interviewing the little ones too. I feel sick in the gut seeing the little ones replaying the horrendous event in their minds. See even I know the killer's name but not a single victim's name.

There are  lessons to be learned and children to be protected. I hope US wakes up and does something concrete and change the Arms and Ammunition Act that they have going. From what I understand of the history of the country, it has glorified arms all throughout history. Time to change that or the future is in danger. 

Still there is debate in the country whether the principal who died overtaking the shooter should have also been armed to defend herself. I donot understand this at all. Give a gun to everyone and let there be a shooting spree!
The funeral's of the young children is taking place as I write this blog. And it enrages me further. I dont feel any other emotion than anger. My 5 year old nephew goes to school in a suburban US pre-primary school. I fear each passing day for him. I fear each stranger who enters into his school.I thought that the most developed and powerful country in the world is supposed to be safe at-least for children. I dont know what else to say? 

I have you all in my prayers and I wish no one else faces what the parents of the victims of the shootout are facing today. I know even they are praying the same for all of us.


  1. Can feel your anger. I don't presonally think that legal guns are to blame. It goes deeper - neglected childhood, abuse, the wrong kinds of food, play, all this and so much more.

  2. You have put it down very well Sirisha.. especially the interviews with the children drove me crazy too.

  3. I can relate to the pain parents are going through. All of them are in my prayers and also pray that even our enemies should not go through such pain.

  4. :( its really depressing


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