Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 16 Few of my Favorite Songs [Regional]

Now here are the songs in the languages I grew up in . Tamil and Telugu. Telugu is my mother tongue and I had a lot of Tamil friends. Some of  songs have been dubbed or redone in Hindi. But I tell you language aint a huge barrier. I hardly know much Tamil but I love the music and the meaning of the lyrics I get from people around me :)
Have a musical Sunday!

1) AR Rehman - (Pachai Nirame-Tamil) (Pachandaname-Telugu)
                        I have to admit I like how the song flows better in Telugu. There is some sort of effort taken to sing the words in Tamil. It is sung by the same singer HariHaran. Especially when he sings about the white color , I like it better in Telugu. But love the music! Absolute Magic!

2)Harris Jayaraj - (Vaseegara-Tamil)
                          This is heard best in Tamil. I think it is redone in all languages possible but none have that magic. Listen to the way Bombay Jayashree sings "Vasegara after the first stanza" , you'll be hooked.But I find the video funny :P

3) AR Rahman- (Rasathi-Tamil) (Seetalu-Telugu)
                        This song uses A Cappella i.e majorly uses human voices instead of instruments. Absolute Magic. I want this ARR back!

4) Illayaraja - ((O Papa Laali-Telugu)
                           The lyrics by Veturi Sundarama Murthy are so nice.

5) Mani Sharma - (Dole Dole-Telugu)
                     I think Telugu film industry is known for its dhinchak songs. The kind heard in all discos and the lyrics are irrelevant and the music is dominant. You cannot help but dance to these tunes. I will not go into this genre with the popular 'Aa ante' and 'Ringa Ringa' "as they dont feature in my playlists. I cant keep dancing always. It ll look weird,na?

6) Mickey J Meyer- (Arrey re -Telugu)
                   This and the title song of the movie Happy Days remind me of my college days. Though the language is a barrier here as I relate to college with aamchi mumbaiyya tapori style language. But the lyrics are very apt.

7) Mickey J Meyer -(Nenu ani -Telugu)
                   Sung really nicely by Shweta Pandit.

8) K. M. Radha Krishnan - (Rama Chakkani Seethaku-Telugu)
                  This is again at its lyrical best.
                   "Erra jaabili cheyi gilli raamudedani adugutunte
                    choodaledani pedavi cheppe cheppalemani kanulu cheppe
                    Nallapoosainaadu devudu nallani raghuramudu
                    raama chakkani seetaki"

9)  Ilaya Raja- (Laali Laali-Telugu)
                  This is a very famous jola pata or lullaby for little ones. Though it is for a boy baby , I love singing the song to my daughter. This is her lullaby . Now she sings it before bed and she is so cute at it. 

                  I like this song because of the situation. I have seen many of my friends even in the current generation being restricted to visit their parents place. After marriage, mostly in-laws were pretty strict with visiting home in previous generations. My mom faced this a lot. But it disturbs me that it is so even these days.

There are so many more. But these came to my view first in the playlists. Also , I got introduced to regional music pretty later in my life. Initially , I was into English and Hindi majorly. Thats why I may not know many golden era songs. 


  1. I have a few regionals in my playlist too! And even though I do not understand the language the music is beautiful :)

  2. I liked the subject you used for your blog. Music you love. Music + Coffee + Blogging - a good way unwind on a weekend.

  3. i would love to do this someday, list my favs... have most of these in my playlist too...


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