Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 15-

I ran. Fast. Out of breath. Lungs bursting. Legs hitting the earth. I thudded up the path, around the corner, right up the stairs and reached the door. I flung it open and found what I was looking for. But I couldn't see it. How could I find what I couldn't see?
I moved in and found myself comfortable. I have been running a long time and have been tired. Now I feel at home. But I don’t see home here. I don’t see anything. Not even black. I could assume it is dark if I saw black. I should be seeing black, black is nothing. But my brain doesn't really send black signals. It is something it has never processes before and hence drawing a blank.
I must get out. Running back was the only solution. I turn back and see no door. I am stuck. Can’t get out. But it feels good. It feels as if I need to get to know this and not try to escape. Isn't it weird?
I seem to like this strange new world of blindness more than the colours and people I left behind. Am I blind? Do people born without sight, feel like this?
I explore the feeling I get here. I feel secure. I feel wanted. I feel someone else close by. Not close by but within me like residing in my soul. I know I can forget the world and listen to that someone for eternity.
I haven't ever experienced this before. Is this why I like it? After-all, everything new seems tempting. Will it last? Will it be as good as I feel now, forever? How much ever I run away from it, it seems to follow me and engulf me back into its magic. I relent. I think I give up. I succumb. I admit. I name it love . It must be so. My knowledge from books and movies tell me so . I always thought they exaggerate. But they down play the emotion, IMO.
I will stay here and see. I' ll see how it plays me. I'll see what it has in store for me next.

Wow! This weirdness is part of the Marathon Bloggers theme of the week!


  1. Good one...and I would love to see too what it has instore for you :)

  2. whoa..what a different take! I am loving reading today's posts :-)

  3. Ok you guys are all just too amazing .. what an imagination! Lovely!!

  4. Does this mean you are in love or you are dead?


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