Tuesday, December 04, 2012

4 Dec 2012 Day 4

Haha! Its just Day 4 and I am  out of topics already. Day 2 and Day 3 came to my rescue as they were special dates for my family . Today is a normal day. The maid came in a little early (way early for my comfort) i.e at 5.30AM as she was going away somewhere. Sigh! So even the toddler is up and running at 5.30.

Its 6.47AM as I write now and the toddler is already bored. She has read a few books, gone through the toys like a tornado and now is looking up to me to provide some entertainment. She has given me precisely '5 minutes to geroff the commuter' and play with her. Sigh!

So this will be 'my come and go' blog entry describing some parts of the day of a SAHM of a two-year-old who got up early :)

Now I have go and fix breakfast for the kid and pour some water over the blissfully sleeping hubby. I always get mad that he sleeps through anything like a log and when I complain, he says I should have woke him up. Cant he wake up on his own once in a while?

Breakfast is Rawa Dosa with some fresh fruit juice. Let me go tackle that and come.

Its 8:13AM now. The kid refuses to eat still and she has to leave for preschool at 9. She is now already a little cranky and seems tired for getting up too early. Its going to be a long day today.
We are now going to dance to 'Disco Deewane' song as per demands. Have Mercy!

I browse through the headlines of the paper , only to start reading about the Indian Couple in Oslo Trial . I donot know the extent of abuse the parents put the child through. But I feel sometimes children misuse the laws against the parents too. Isnt it too easy for the child to say bitter things about the parents when he is angry? The charges against the parents are for scolding the 7-year old for wetting his pants. Are people in Norway blessed with unlimited patience? Do they never scold their children at all? Well I donot know the whole story. There must be a good enough case to put them behind bars.

The toddler snatches the supplement and starts to identify alphabets. She can now almost all letters. have to educate myself on how to get her to join letters to form words. I think Phonetics is the way to go.

The Rawa Dosa gets a thumbs down , so an impromptu cheese sandwich is made and that finds a few nibbles. She had her milk. So I donot battle to push food down her throat for now.

Its 8.46 AM. Time to panic. The toddler is still to bathe. I have to take a shower. We are waiting in queue now for the hubby to come out. I am here on the blog to kill the wait. Its weird that the man of the house always takes 15 minutes or more for his bath while I think more than 5 minutes is too much.

The toddler is yelling out at strangers from the balcony at this moment. It is her favorite timepass to hassle innocent people on the road.  Once she yelled out at a guy in Red shirt, 'Oyee Ded Boii'. He was so surprised to hear that. I was so embarassed and wanted to explain that the child meant 'Red' not 'Dead'! :p

Okay I ll be off again and come back soon.

Aah! is 9.50 AM and the toddler is safely sent to the preschool. She munched a few rice crackers on the way with some pomogranate juice to wash them down with. Abysmmal breakfast but we'll do better with lunch,hopefully.

Now is my errands time and I have a girly date too :D I would have liked to continue the entire day but I'll be busy reading other posts and commenting on them :D

I am loving this. 


  1. haha.. novel way to come up with a blog post, and a fun read too :)..

  2. lolol...I loved the live commentary..we guys with toddlers have interesting anecdotes to share, right?

  3. Phew...Did i mention about how I feel about motherhood? I am SCARED. but it is posts like this that makes me feel it will be fine.


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