Sunday, July 01, 2012

Marriage- the phases

Recently, my sister-in-law's FB status read something as follows:
"We had our 2nd month anniversary. A dinner date, Inspite of it being a working weekend. It's a myth afterall that everything changes after wedding"
It made me smile.
It made me happy for her.
But it also made me think 'oh naive girl still in the rosy honeymoon period'.
Mean. I know. But isn't it true? I am not the only one who feels so. The many comments on the said FB status mirrored my thoughts.
Marriage goes through many phases,doesn't it?
Obviously,  I began reflecting on the phases my marriage of 4 Years has seen till now.
The honeymoon
Aah! Let's not get into the details but yes , we had a good time and we couldn't think of world beyond us. Who needs anybody else?
The post honeymoon Bliss
       We set up a new home in a new city ,new offices and new cushions and curtains. Exciting! We shopped for little things that made a house, home and ate junk and saw every new release, each weekend. Minor differences were seen as cute little thingies!
Reality bites
         The cute little thingies suddenly blow up! Why should we get plain dull bedsheets when we can get violet flowery ones. Why should you choose the movie always? Why should I pick up dirty laundry always? We fight,we make up and we make up again sometimes. ;) life goes on.
   Now after an year or two, you get used to each other. Everything is routine now firmly established. Sometimes even fighting is avoided and slowly an unsaid compromise begins. You accept those flowery bedsheets but in dull pastels not in purple. You get a laundry bag for the dirty laundry. We watch movies at home separately if needed.
We aren't Siamese twins
         Our current stage. I have finally realised that if we enjoy somethings separately,its no big deal. We aren't supposed to everything together and like everything that the other one likes. So we have made a nice little cozy corners for each other.
We enjoy our corners. We also meet at the center sometimes. Sometimes the opposite corners are also visited. 
There are many more phases to come. And I look forward to them!

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