Monday, May 28, 2012

Aishwarya's weighty problem

Is it a problem?
If so,whose problem is it?
If she likes it ,who are we to suggest a gym or yoga class to her.
Yes agreed she is a celebrity model,actress,global ambassdor,etc,etc; But she is a human and a woman to top that. She married and got pregnant and delivered a baby.
But wait she's a celebrity. Why didn't she hit the gym right after delivery and walk out of the hospital in a Gucci evening gown looking like a perfect 10?
She is 38 and she delivered her baby normally without epidural! Thats no small feat. Not many do it in this age of selective c-sections and surrogacies.
She also is choosing to be a hands on breastfeeding mother. That is also so not in style. The pseudo feministic approach calls for a brigade of nannies!
Inspite of everyone making lame jokes on her postpartum weight and a YouTube video with over a million views on her double chin,there she is strutting an evening gown on the Cannes carpet! That is a woman with guts and self confidence. I won't even compare her to the semi-nude nude dressed wannabe Indians who also walked the carpet!
Live and let live and learn people! Just don't critisize!

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