Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book review-Two Fates by Judy Balan

I read ' Two Fates' by Judy Balan today. I am disappointed that it has a very bollywoodish plot.
Actually, I felt the novel has obvious aspirations to become a movie script. All the masala and melodrama is there. Foreigh locations are there. Theres sex, weddings, pregnancies and fights and mothers! A sure fire blockbuster.
I frankly wanted a plot with an English Literature masters holder girl not be shown so confused in life. Why is the girl so confused in life and why did she want switch psycho-therapy?
And the IITian husband is shown to be the smarter one! Sigh!
The families have absolutely no work! Only the female protoganist seems to be worried about the job.
On a positive note, as a writer I lovr JudY Balan's almost free-flowing easy going style of writing. The reason why I read through and didnt get bored. I dont finish an uninteresting novel just for the sake of it!
I didnt get the divorced, single and happily ever after story I was looking for. That would have been a fresh outlook! Anyways looking forward to more from the writer and love her blog anyways.

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