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'Urban Shots: The Love Collection' Book Review

The toughest thing as a writer is to write a love story. Wait! Writing it easy but to captivate a reader into liking it, is tough! Man - Woman - Love- Sex
How these four words can be different for every single couple on earth is utterly amazing.
Love can be between two strangers, a newly married couple , fellow commuters,colleagues a prostitute and her customer, a dying man and his helpless lover,college-mates,...
Love can manifest into many forms too - superstition , marital , extra-marital,illicit or innocent or admiration or unquestioning surrender or infatuation!
No wonder time has seen so much been written about love and still will see too.
On a personal note, I fell in love with love since I remember. So it was no wonder I would choose a book of love stories to review .

Book: Urban Shots: The Love Collection

Publisher: and

Favorite lines of mine from the book:

'A woman has to be realistic' -Measures of Life and Love By Anant Tripathi

'When was the last time you felt that feeling int the pit of your stomach?'- A simple question by Naman Saraiya

'The best part about talking to stranger is that no questions seem wrong and no accusations seemed right'-Twisted by Lipi Mehta

'Iamginary boyfriends are always more considerate than real life lovers'- Love is Blind

'Life is a quiver full of emotions,Each arrow wasted on the wrong target'- Invibible Touch by Jairaj Padmanabhan

 Favorite Stories
Strangers by Ahmed Faiyaz
      Anything I say about the story might take away the thrill of reading this story. The buildup to the end
was done well.

Coffee?-by Ahmed Faiyaz
       Oh! I just realised. I like this author I guess. :) Storytelling a forte for this one I think. The story is so relatable that I can tell about 10 such real life couples that met and broke up in the same way. Such is the way of life in college.

A good day! By Richa S Chatterjee
   Yes we come across many quotable quotes saying that life is short and we should never sleep over a fight. Never know what will happen. Again a very relatable story and each sentence made me put myself in the husband's shoes and shudder and promise myself to value what I have and cherish the life.

Reality Bytes By Anitha Murthy
   Firstly because I am from AP too.. I know regionalism :P But I loved the premise and the easy flow of words the author used.

The thing about short stories is that they are short. Ideal for a time-sapped mommy that I currently am. There is no continuity worry and each story takes you through a different thought process.
That way I give a thumbs up to all stories. All of them pass through the one time read barrier. A few are a real gems as I listed above. Overall, a good book to read on the run.
Girls like me will enjoy it a lot! Those who enjoy light breezy reads once in a while.
The thing about these stories is that they are so close to life. Nothing that is outside the realm of a regular urban mind. It is nice to think that the characters could be just living next door. It sometimes reminds you of your own story or your friends. It makes you want to pick up the phone and call the person and tell them 'Hey! your story is a novel,Dude!'

Thanks Blogadda for giving me a shot at reviewing this book.

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  1. I wanted to review this book too.. too bad now I've to go & buy it *winks*
    It sounds good & will be a nice break from all the lengthy novels I read these days..

  2. That's a good concise review. Really liked it. the review i mean :)

  3. Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed reading my stories and the book on the whole. Do look out for the other Urban Shots Collections - Crossroads and Bright Lights, and my novels - Scammed, Another Chance and Love, life & all that jazz....
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Thanks, Sirisha.
    Glad you liked the line 'Imaginary boyfriends are always considerate than real life lovers' from my story Love is Blind. Be great if you could add my name next to it as well.
    Vibha Batra


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