Thursday, March 22, 2012

What is love? To me

I know! I know! I had a love marriage! I should know. Or you think I should know.
( My mind wandered thinking about the number of words repeated in the above sentence! )

Love has captivated many writers and artists since forever. I am not going to put in words flowing with creative romance like they do. Simply because I cant!

I dreamed of a knight in shining armour sweeping of my feet while secretly reading my Mills and Boons.
I dreamed of a Airforce pilot taking me to the clouds while watching Rick Hunter in Robotech.
I also dreamed of a Raj or Rahul coming and dancing with me to 'no music'.
I dreamed of having a soccer boyfriend like Ned Nickerson to Nancy Drew.

But life took over and prioritised education and a career above boys!

So when I met my husband, love hit me like a surprise.
He wasnt a knight or a hero or a pilot! He was all rolled into one for all I cared!
I wasnt sure initially. I was insecure in the middle. I was paranoid at proposal and I was swooning at his every word at our wedding.Thats love I thought!

How could I , did I live at all for so many years without him? That's Love, I thought in the honeymoon period.
I cooked, cleaned , washed, dusted, ironed. He was something to be pampered! Thats love,i thought!

I put all his needs before me. I bought curtains he liked, bedsheets he prefers and saw movies of his choice. Thats love i thought!

I beared all pain and gave birth to his daughter. I just wanted to see the look in his face when he saw her first! Thats love I knew.

I saw me adjust, I saw him compromise, I saw us fight , I saw me cry, i saw him banging walls in frustation. I saw us make up and fight somemore later! That is love I know!

I get some bedsheets in floral, i get some in plain. I put up some photo frames he doesnt like but I do! I put up with his late night gaming. He puts up with my erratic mood swings. Thats love I know.

We learn as we go to live with each other. We'll learn more and more happily ever after! Thats the love I know.


  1. Very nice and rather "loving" in its tone. Awesome

  2. You summed up a marriage so well :)

  3. ***** star rating from me....really you know what love is.and how beautifully you wrote it is even more awesome.
    I am very happy for you both and the wishes for you both:)

  4. This is so awesome, and straight from the heart! I could so identify when i read through! Lovely!

  5. mm.. Kisiki nazar naa lage.. very lovely post :)


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