Friday, February 17, 2012

Turning 30!

Yes I turned 30 this month.. Many wished me ,many I forced to wish me by sending not-so-subtle reminders about the d-day.

My wishers fall into many categories:
Category 1: Relatives(age 70+) : They wish you well and bless you to get pregnant soon and this time with a son. Sigh! 'Well don't delay it, we had 3 children by the time we were 25' says my very concerned relative.

Category 2: Relatives(Parents) : They are still in shock and not ready to believe I am 30. That is just a nasty reminder of their own age! Who wants such a reminder?

Category 3: Relatives(Sibling): My elder brother is happy. Finally while he's shying close to 40,I at least join the 30 club..he's all glee!My younger cousin called me a 'Dinosaur'. Sigh! again.

Category 4: Relatives(30<age<70): 'Arre only milestones are difficult. Don't worry, you'll be in your 30s for another 10 years.. Its ok'. Somehow 'in my 30s' reminds me of a very old Jeetender selling ThirtyPlus.

Category 5: Friends(same age,married,kids): One of my BFFs, gave me a hour long gyaan about age. You see according to her,there are 2 types of ages-Biological Age and Psychological Age. So biologically I am 30 but do I feel 30. She assessed me to be 25. So my Psychological age is 25...hmmm! I kind of liked that and I am going to use it.

Category 6: Friends (same age,married,no kids): 'Oh! Stop cribbing' says she. 'Just imagine what I'll have to hear, when I turn 30',she laments. 'No babies yet,you are 30 not 3!',her wishers might put it nicely.

Category 7: Friends (unmarried,younger) : They wish well! But secretly they all are hoping to stop aging somehow. I have tried it my friends! It doesn't work! God didn't listen to me either! Just like he didn't listen to Joey!

Category 8: Relatives ( In-laws) : "Oh! So you are turning 30..hmm good" This might be your cue to start growing up from a spoilt kid, is what they must be thinking.
Who I have to thank immensely,for the wonderful 30 years:
1)  My Folks: They did decide to have me,8 years after my brother after thinking all those years
one was enough! Phew!! Then for tolerating me throughout my toddler-isms and teen angst and love rebellion.

2) My Husband: Who knowing that I am a spoilt kid for life to still agreeing and loving me.

3) My Baby: Though she was only featuring in the last 2 years of the said 30 years. But the previous 28 years before her seem almost impossible.

So all in all,yes I turned a Psychological Age 25. I have decided to get younger than that age.


  1. Life begins at 30 people says :P
    Have a blast AUNTY :D
    have a wonderful years ahead :D :P

  2. Nice blog sharing information

  3. loved the categories :)

    when i was one the edge of 30 i remember feeling oh its 30 next!
    and now at 35 its like oh in another 5 years its 40 next! :DD

  4. sorry a typo - "edge of 29"


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