Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How I felt when I had you

Beyond the frilly pinkness..

Dear daughter,
The best thing about the 9 months of pregnancy was guessing whether you'll be a girl or a boy!
We had nicknamed you 'Sher Singh' as you were to be born in 2010 'year of the tiger' and a leo! Yes, we had assumed mostly you'll be a boy for a long period of time. But also we didnt really do the nursery blue or get blue stuff..but when we talked of you we talked of you as a boy.
When the moment finally came, the time you were born..a girl..your father was the happiest, as I guess, he knew you'll always be his little girl who'll favor him over mumma!
I , on the other hand, was a little taken aback. I dont know whether thats the word to use. I had been through a tumultous birthing experience. And the first thought that came to me was this little precious thing will also go through the same ordeal. She will have to go through periods, pms, boys, prejudices ,descrimination and what not! And I wont be able to protect you through any of these!
Dont get me wrong! I ,otherwise loved having you! I was looking forward to all things pink and flowery ( so much more fun than blue!) I knew there wont be a boring moment with you in my life
Life as a woman is not a bed of roses but I think, in retrospect, it is more fulfilling than a man can ever dream his life to be.
After a few hours of daze,I was the proudest mom ever. I looked at you and knew I'll fight through all that life throws at you valiantly until you are ready to do it on your own.
I see my mom and I instantly understand now why I was pampered rotten over my brother. Every girl deserves that. Yes your granny is scolded about her parenting style with me. I didnt learn to cook and clean and keep a household while at mom's. I learned all that after marriage and having my own home. I dont regret not knowing all that before hand.She also knew I would eventually have to manage everything plus a career. I loved how things just came to me and I had a carefree life to decide and be what I wanted to be in life.
That is what I promise you. You live and enjoy life carefree till I have it in me to take care of all your needs.. It ll give you wings to fly independently for the rest of your life :)

Finally, I hope I make you realise that yes life is not easy but its the most exhillarating journey- being a woman.



  1. Very nice post Sia, i was also a bit shocked when i had my girl. Never said this to anyone but I was expecting a boy, so that my baby do not have to go through the pains of being a girl. But luck had other plans.

    I love her a lot but sometimes really scared,nevertheless its fun raising a girl :)

  2. Lovely,Wonderful,Touchy post !
    just loved it... very true words, NOT BED OF ROSES certainly, it's all about how we take it...
    i read this post with interest and happiness all over :)

  3. very nice post sia.. i came across your blog from blogadda. Rightly said - our mothers pamper us well before marriage that we never have to cook in home until marriage.we learn it after marriage and balance well between career and home and do the same for our daughters.. its just the love that we show.. yes.. being a woman is not that easy

  4. I can't tell you how sursprise I was when I read why you were a little taken aback when you came to know its a baby girl. I am yet to have mine own, and I want a girl very much. BUT, the same fears go through my mind too. Would it be fair to bring another girl to this world, make her go through all this. However well brought up and lucky her upbringing might be, as parents we wouldnt be able to take care of her all the time. But, we can try out best and I know you both will. Love and strength to your princess, she;s gonna rock this world in 20 odd years :)

  5. Just read your post....one hell of a piece..beautifully written....totally loved it....very very touchy...this expresses the feelings of all the mothers who probably go through the same during their motherhood...keep up the good work.... :) :)

  6. Thanks Sweety,Deepak,Mahathi,Sam and Shwetha for the comments :)

  7. Anonymous11:23 AM

    some are fortunate ones from the BIRTH having a mother of this kind. . . . Grt tribute to motherhood.

  8. Anonymous11:24 AM

    some are fortunate ones from the BIRTH having a mother of this kind. . . . Grt tribute to motherhood.< @fakeergandhi >


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