Thursday, December 15, 2011

To be or not to be

Thats a question we never asked each other! We have engrained within the our souls in our upbringing the following ' First came Love, then came marriage and then came a baby carriage' ... The only thought we had was to not to have a baby for first two years of marriage.
In retrospect , when I see a growing number of DINK(Dual Income No Kids) couples, it makes me think how life would have been.
I must be surely missing out on the following:
1) A surefire career growth: I quit when I was being offered the much awaited promotion. So I would have been enjoying a great position now.
2)A heavier bank balance
3) No cut the above point, the extra moolah would be spent on a vacation or two and some extra pricey useless gadgets and clothes.
4)No responsibility
5)Flexible schedules!
6)Weekend Siestas
7)More time as a couple
But obviously there is a but yaar! I did not choose to be childless. I was anxious to get pregnant. I was so happy the day we found out. But I was more happy to my husband's face. He is a total father material. He fathered me till the baby was born. He was just super duper ready.
I did have a horrible painful birth story ( that for some other time). But the moment the baby was literally plonked into my arms...the pink mass of limbs and a mishapen head and big eyes, took over.
Till then the husband, who was leaning over me and holding onto my shoulders, moved away a little to create that space in the middle of the couple to become a threesome. Natural but I saw the shift even in my drowsy after labor state. The princess had taken her rightful place and we were now ready to relish her rule!

Gradually the litlle tyke took over and made the otherwise big decisions (my career, house shifting) very simple an obvious. Well, she batting her eyelids or lifting up a little limb towards us was worth more moolah than I ever earned.

We missed going out! But eventually after she turned a year, we already taken 3 successful road trips with the baby and many flight trips. So our motto became 'Have a baby will travel' Its not so difficult just more luggage and triple the fun.

Sleep.. Was a dream in the beginning.. All of us moved like Zombies..but now given a few hiccups in the middle of the night, we atleast get 6 straight hours of sleep! Literally nothing wakes you in a better mood than an energetic 'goo maaaning' of a toddler. Not even early morning sex beats that, trust me!

Slowly and steadily we are creatin. The much needed couple time around her schedules. And since i am not working, we seem to bond more with more time to talk! One crazy office schedule only!

Oh! See what I did ? The 7 points that I missed not being a DINK erm they arent at all missed actually ;)


  1. :)

    Why did you compare then?

  2. @THe BluntBlogger: Theres always a need for explantion only to me myself tho

  3. no comparison...the happiness of having a baby can beat any damn materialize thing in the world and thats what u did :)


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